Surge in UK local and independent businesses

North West region has experienced the biggest increase in independent high street retailers in the last five years

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The number of independent retail businesses in the UK has risen by 110% since 2010, according to new research from business insurance provider and Startups Awards sponsor Simply Business.

Analysis found that the North West has experienced the biggest rise in local high street retailers with an 89% increase over the last five years.

Alongside retailers, the number of independent professional services on UK high streets has also surged in the last five years with a growth in manicure shops (up 115%), hairdressers (79%), domestic cleaners (118%), and builders (86%).

This Saturday, the UK will play host to range of events to support and raise awareness of the country’s small businesses for the third annual Small Business Saturday initiative.

Jason Stockwood, CEO of Simply Business, said: “The tide seems to be turning, away from chains and big corporations to local, independent businesses but consumers must sustain their support to ensure these businesses don’t just survive but thrive.

“Our nation’s small businesses play a huge role in local communities and have a meaningful impact on the broader economy, so I hope to see this trend continue for years to come.”

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