Small Business Taskforce urges next government to do more to support small business

“Wish list” of six recommendations includes simplified tax system and building entrepreneurship into the school curriculum

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The Small Business Taskforce – a group of 14 organisations representing two million small businesses – has urged the next government to do more to support the UK’s small business community in its Small Business manifesto.

The manifesto detailed a “wish list” of six recommendations that would demonstrate a commitment to British entrepreneurs and represent better value for money for the taxpayer.

Unveiled at last week’s Enterprise Nation’s General Election Debate, the six recommendations were:

  1. Provide an environment which champions the role of small businesses – recognise the importance of UK small businesses and appoint a small business minister to ensure commitment
  2. Provide a taxation system supportive of all businesses, large and small – a commitment to a stable tax system that encourages investment and growth. Ensure that a digital tax system puts businesses first. Radical simplification of the existing tax system
  3. Provide business support which is collaborative and adds value – this would involve championing public/ private partnerships, launching Export Vouchers, reinstate the Spaces for Growth programme and support the creation of a single site for small businesses
  4. Provide a pensions and benefits system that supports when needed – consider the viability of pension enrolment for the self-employed and review the impact of Universal Credit on start-up success
  5. Provide procurement opportunities which work for all – change the government’s small business procurement target and expand the remit of the small business commissioner
  6. Provide a workforce that’s equipped for enterprise – expand the provision of digital skills and basic numeracy and literacy skills, and build entrepreneurship into the school curriculum

Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation, said: “There can be no doubt that ageneration of entrepreneurs is not feeling the love from the hallowed halls of power.

“We’re asking the next Government to take into consideration the great work that small businesses do in this country and to champion that, not wag fingers and impose statutory employee rights that the smallest firms will find even more of challenge to deal with. Ticking more unnecessary boxes will not help us to increase productivity.

“What we’re asking for is someone with clout and influence who understands small business and entrepreneurship to sit at Cabinet and stand up for small businesses. They would be in place to comment on new proposed statutory rights and restrictions and to champion this vital sector on the main table of power.

Last week analysed the small business policies of Labour and the Conservatives manifestos to find out which party was best for business.

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