Tech still trails: Half of London’s tech sector believe bias against women exists

Just 5% of large tech firms in the capital believe that gender diversity drives their enterprise, with 9.4% saying the same of multiculturalism

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Just 24 hours after International Women’s Day, 49.2% of London’s UK tech sector believe a bias against women still exists within the industry.

According to a survey of 4,300 professionals by Tech London Advocates, 46% of the capital’s tech firms have some form of HR or recruitment policy to help combat the issue – with 26.7% believing a shortage of talent is the biggest challenge facing the sector.

However, gender and ethnic diversity appears to be of little priority to lager tech businesses – with a survey of 200 tech leaders finding that just 5% believe gender diversity drives their enterprise, with 9.4% saying the same of multiculturalism.

Instead, respondents cited professional expertise (40.8%) and cross-sector professional expertise (29.8%) as the two biggest factors they value in an employee.

Russ Shaw, founder of Tech London Advocates, said:

“Peel back a layer of tech entrepreneurialism and disappointment is revealed – a lack of diversity and gender bias that remains the industry’s Achilles heel.

“Whether it be opening up immigration policy, increasing access to digital skills or empowering women to succeed in technology, we must unite to ensure world-class talent finds a home in London’s tech sector, regardless of race, age or gender. Enough is enough; more tech companies must demand better for the future.”

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