There’s never been a better time to start a fitness franchise, says the bfa

The regulatory body claims the health and fitness industry is becoming the best way to tap into consumers as 48% of Britons seek out a new gym

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Franchising “is in the best shape it’s ever been” with significant growth particularly in fitness franchising, the British Franchise Association (bfa) – the franchise industry’s sole regulatory body – has reported today.

Collating franchise data from Mintel’s 2015 survey and its Natwest 2015 bfa survey, the bfa claims that approximately 48% of Britons are looking to join a new gym and 79% have at least one health and fitness goal that they want to invest in.

Highlighting Mintel’s research that demand for health clubs has risen 6% in just over a year, and with a surge in popularity for gyms, the bfa has suggested that now is the best time for budding business owners to start their own affordable versions of a health club like those “led by franchised companies”.

The bfa’s claims are supported by’s predictions of the hottest business opportunities for 2016 where it identified fitness franchises as a “ready made business opportunity”.

bfa CEO, Pip Wilkins, commented: “The nation’s health and fitness is regularly in the news and that’s helping to drive demand for gyms and health clubs.  There is a wide range of business opportunities for different budgets. More choice in a growing marketplace means entrepreneurs are taking notice.”

Brett Edwards, general manager at Anytime Fitness, one of the UK’s top fitness franchise chains, added:

“Investing in a health and fitness franchise is one of the smartest business moves you could make in 2016. It is such a lucrative market, consumers are starting to get smart about what they want so businesses need to wise up to that too, as this survey suggests.

“One of the fantastic things about joining a franchise as a way of getting into this industry is that it’s a proven business model. There’s no agonising about how to brand your business, all you need to bring is enthusiasm and a determination to deliver.”

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