UK fintech funding sees 37% decline in first half of 2023

The first half of 2023 has witnessed a notable downturn in funding for fintech companies operating in the UK.

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The total amount raised by UK fintech firms reached £2.9 billion in the first six months according to recent data from Innovate Finance, marking a 37% decrease compared to the latter half of the previous year.

The decline in funding has been accompanied by a decrease in venture capital investments overall. 

According to the research, out of the 199 deals that took place in the first quarter of the year, only £2 billion worth of deals were made.

These trends reflect a challenging period for global fintech funding, as investors have become more cautious about supporting high-growth start-ups with a history of losses, especially given the turbulent market conditions.

Building investor confidence

Wayne Johnson, CEO & co-founder of Encompass Corporation, emphasised: “It is important to build investor confidence in fintech given the necessity of innovative solutions, and at a time when the technology behind these is evolving rapidly. 

We must continue to drive game changing efficiencies for banks, with automation technology, for example, improving processes and output, while ultimately contributing to the UK’s wider aim of becoming a science and technology superpower.”

Steven Mooney, CEO of FundMyPitch, also stressed: 

Funding for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) is absolutely vital if the nation wishes to reach economic stability and future growth, especially in the fintech sector that drives innovation and attracts international investment. 

The UK has always been seen as an international financial hub and retaining this position will only be possible if funding into SMEs that support its developments is provided. The lack of financial backing will hold back SMEs that offer huge potential. 

We must get ahead of the game and prioritise making finance accessible to businesses and offering tools and platforms that support this, ultimately allowing our nation to grow; and building sectors, such as the fintech sector, that will promote international relations.”

Looking ahead for fintech funding

There’s no sugar-coating the stats – the decline in funding for UK fintech companies in the first half of 2023 has been significant. Of course, this isn’t isolated to fintech but reflects a broader decrease in venture capital investments overall. 

The cautious approach of investors can readily be attributed to the economy’s current volatility.

While this presents challenges, regaining investor confidence and support for SMEs is crucial in order to maintain and strengthen the UK’s position in the global fintech landscape. 

By addressing these concerns and actively investing in the sector, the UK can ensure continued growth and success in the world of finance and technology.

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Stephanie Lennox is the resident funding & finance expert at Startups: A successful startup founder in her own right, 2x bestselling author and business strategist, she covers everything from business grants and loans to venture capital and angel investing. With over 14 years of hands-on experience in the startup industry, Stephanie is passionate about how business owners can not only survive but thrive in the face of turbulent financial times and economic crises. With a background in media, publishing, finance and sales psychology, and an education at Oxford University, Stephanie has been featured on all things 'entrepreneur' in such prominent media outlets as The Bookseller, The Guardian, TimeOut, The Southbank Centre and ITV News, as well as several other national publications.

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