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UK micro-businesses lack digital skills

85% don't have the time, money or confidence to establish an online presence

Hundreds of thousands of micro-businesses are still not online due to a lack of digital knowledge, according to a recent report by 123 Reg.

Of the 1,000 businesses surveyed, 70% said they wanted to expand their business online but did not have the tech know-how to do so.

The study found that just 38% of small businesses and around 50% of one-man-band businesses questioned have a website, suggesting barriers remain. Small businesses make up a fifth of the UK economy and are currently worth £763bn, a figure that could be boosted by 14% with more digital knowledge, the report has suggested.

Additionally, many businesses are missing out on opportunities to market their business online: 73% said they did not advertise online and 42% reported having no digital presence. SEO and other terminology stumped 48% of those surveyed, and only 53% said their websites were easily read on a mobile device.

Nick Leech, digital director at 123 Reg, said:

“Micro-businesses are time-poor and resource light, juggling multiple hats on a daily basis. Lengthy digital guides that may work for larger companies are not right for them. What micro-businesses need is a more direct steer on the one or two things they should implement to help their businesses grow and thrive. It’s about learning the little things that can take you a long way.”

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Aimee Bradshaw
Aimee Bradshaw

Writer and researcher

Aimee recently joined Startups as resident expert in business tech, products, and services. Having ran her own egg delivery business from the age of 12, she is an advocate of self starters and small businesses.


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