UK self-employed happier and “more motivated” than full-time employees

A survey of 800 employees, including 124 self-employed workers, also revealed that 63% of entrepreneurs look forward to going to work

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UK self-employed workers are happier and more motivated than full-time employees, according to a report by Personal Group.

The survey of 800 employees, which included 124 self-employed workers, revealed that 63% of entrepreneurs look forward to going to work – with just 10% never keen to get to the office, the lowest of any group.

Not surprisingly, 70% of self-employed respondents said they’re happy at work – with 82% proud of what they do.

Despite the obvious responsibility and pressure of running your own start-up, many seem to relish this opportunity, with 94% of business owners believing their job is worthwhile compared to just 76% of regular employees.

In contrast, 48% of employees surveyed revealed they’re not content in their job – with 30% of front line staff never feeling enthusiastic about their nine to five.

For small business owners who employ such staff, its recommended that more encouragement and support towards low-level staff would increase productivity and motivation – with 35% of employees believing this would be the case.

Mark Scanlon, chief executive of Personal Group said:

“Our survey supports the findings of The Business of Engagement report and shows that only half of employees feel they are working as efficiently as possible. Can this lack of engagement with the people at the coalface explain the widening UK productivity gap?

“There is growing evidence of the connection that happy and engaged employees are more productive. This could explain why those who are self-employed seem to be happiest and why the UK entrepreneurial and start up scene is so successful – these people unsurprisingly tend to feel more invested in the business outcome.”

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