Here’s the full list of WeWork sites closing in 2024

With so much turmoil in the WeWork universe, this list is for the latest updates on where you can cowork, and where workspaces are no longer available.

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WeWork, the coworking giant once poised to revolutionise workspaces, has faced significant challenges in recent years – and now, as part of its global restructuring efforts, the company has embarked on a series of closures in the UK.

While WeWork hasn’t publicly confirmed a definitive list of closures, several locations have been shut or are in the process of closing. This article details the known closures in the UK, drawing upon publicly available information and reports.

We Are Not Working: new closures in 2024

Confirmed closures

WeWork Blackfriars: Located on London’s Southbank, this location became the first confirmed closure in November 2023. Members received a mere 30-day notice, citing the closure as part of a strategy to improve liquidity and strengthen the company’s precarious financial position. This move set the tone for the subsequent coworking closures to come.

133 Houndsditch in the City of London: Tenants received notices in November 2023 to vacate the premises by the end of the month, adding to the growing list of impacted members.

The Cursitor in Holborn, London: This closure was reported in January 2024, with members informed of ongoing exit negotiations. This seemingly sudden closure further highlights the ongoing uncertainty surrounding WeWork’s UK operations.

Three WeWork locations in Shoreditch, London: Specific details about these locations are limited, but reports indicate there were closures at 145 City Road and 1 Mark Square between November 2023 and January 2024. The closures raise questions about the company’s commitment to the once-booming Shoreditch tech hub, a hub heavily reliant on co-working spaces.

Unconfirmed closures and recent news

Beyond the confirmed closures, several reports suggest additional shutdowns are being considered or have already taken place.

WeWork Finsbury Pavement: Reports indicate this location is poised to close as WeWork continues its cost-cutting measures.

Other locations across London: Reports suggest further closures within the capital, with the exact number and locations remaining shrouded in ambiguity. This lack of transparency fuels anxiety amongst WeWork members unsure of their workspace’s fate.


WeWork is reportedly in negotiations with landlords across the UK for rent reductions. Unprofitable locations with high rent costs will likely be further targeted for closure, highlighting the challenges in securing sustainable lease agreements.

The closures may create a ripple effect, impacting not only WeWork members but also the future of the co-working industry in the UK. The latest news, coupled with the noticeable decline in available workspaces on the company’s website dropping from 50 to 30 in the last few years, paints a concerning picture of WeWork’s shrinking footprint.

We will continue to update this article as the situation develops.

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