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The 6 best card machines for small businesses

More people than ever pay by card. Discover the best card machine for your small business on this page

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When it comes to driving sales, a credit card machine takes the hassle out of payment processing, making a real difference to your business and giving you a fighting chance to compete in today’s increasingly cashless society.

The UK Card Association found that 78.4% of retail sales in the UK in 2017 were paid by credit/debit card, making card payments the nation’s favourite way to make purchases of any value.

In the time of Covid-19, investing in a card machine is one of the ways that you can help slow the spread of the disease. This is because it helps to reduce any contact that you may have when handling change, and it's easier to accept payments as a social distance.

With the spending limit on contactless card payments now capped at £45, there's no reason why you shouldn't invest in a card machine for your small business.

Traditional card readers vs mobile card readers

While traditional card machines are associated with banks and merchant account providers, mobile card machines are supplied by independent businesses that tend to provide all-in-one payment taking solutions that include:

  • A merchant account
  • A payment gateway
  • Point of sale equipment 

So which is the best option for small businesses?

A mobile card reader is a small but mighty piece of hardware. It connects to a tablet or smartphone, and accepts payments from debit and credit cards, and mobile payment apps including Google Pay and Apple Pay. 

Great for businesses like coffee shops, beauty salons, bars, restaurants and any form of retail, a mobile card reader will quite literally mobilise the way your business takes payments, boosting sales and increasing your capacity for great customer service.

A traditional card reader is the type of card reader that customers are probably most used to seeing, as all big stores and supermarkets use them. These card readers are often rented from suppliers, and can either be wired or wireless. 

While mobile card reader suppliers often charge businesses a set transaction fee, banks that supply traditional card readers will charge a transaction fee that’s dependent on your total volume and value of sales.

Traditional card reader vs mobile card reader quick comparison

 Mobile card readerTraditional card reader
Wireless option?YesYes
WiFi connection required?NoYes
Set transaction fee?YesNo
Point of sale integration?YesYes
Merchant account required?NoYes
Accepts mobile paymentsYesYes

Whether you’re looking for a card machine with the lowest transaction fees, or one that you can set up with your smartphone, below we review the UK’s leading options; from the cheapest card payment machine to the best mobile card reader for small businesses.

Read on for a full-fat breakdown of the six best card machines for small businesses. Or, if you’re ready to tuck right into some quotes, just follow the steps below!

Pound sign  1. Card machine providers charge a range of initial costs and recurring fees

Credit card  2. Use our tool to compare credit card readers from a range of providers

Save money  3. Discover a card machine provider that offers you the best rate for your income

How we chose our top card readers

To make our list of the best card machines for small businesses, we pitched the providers against one another and rated them on the following areas:

  • Value for money – how competitive is the device cost, transaction fees and associated monthly costs?
  • Ease of use – is the card reader and its accompanying POS system easy to set up and use?
  • Customer reviews – what do the customers say about the card reader and any associated equipment and software?
  • Features – does it offer all the features small businesses need

Best card machines for small businesses: UK top 6

Our favourite small business credit card machines are supplied by iZettle, Square, SumUp, Worldpay, PayPal and Barclays. 

Let's see how they compare.

Card ReaderBest for...Device Cost (exc. VAT)Transaction Fee
Sum UpCheap transaction fees£59 1.69%
iZettleAll-rounder£29 on offer here1.75%
SquareCard machine features£19 on offer here1.75%
Worldpay (Simplicity plan)Flexibility£4.99/month1.5%
PayPal HereGrowing business£45 on offer here1.5%
Barclays AnywhereBeing a trusted payments brand£291.6%

1. SumUp card reader

Best for: cheap transaction fees

sumup card machine

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer average score

SumUp pros and cons

Top rate of 1.69% transaction feeBasic reporting
No monthly feesPOS software potentially too simple for cafes and restaurants
Great customer support
User-friendly app
Virtual terminals
SMS payments

SumUp card reader costs

Cost of hardware (card reader)£19
Card transaction fee1.69%
Virtual terminal fee2.5%

Which cards does SumUp accept?

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • V Pay, Maestro
  • American Express

Is SumUp for me?

With one of the lowest transaction fees on the UK market (just 1.69%) and crystal-clear, flat-rate pricing, the SumUp Air card reader comes up trumps for affordability – perfect for beginners and savvy business owners wanting to keep things simple and the costs low.

Whether you’re running a mobile coffee stall, or simply want something a little more compact in-store, SumUP Air travels well and has a long lasting charge to boot. This makes it a popular option amongst businesses fresh on the startup scene.

SumUp keeps its users happy with stellar customer support and a no-nonsense app that’s perfect for first-timers in the world of using card machines.

Just don’t expect all the bells and whistles at this price point – this is an uncomplicated card reader with a simple app, but it has everything you need.

And, for such a cheap card machine, SumUp offers plenty of features you might not expect (such as virtual terminals and SMS payments).

2. iZettle card reader

Best all-rounder: award-winning, affordable and featuring a slick app

iZettle card reader

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer average score

iZettle card reader pros and cons

25% faster than competitorsAccount suspensions (unauthorised users)
8-hour battery lifeNo weekend customer support
Nimble design
4.7 / 5 on App Store
Flat rate fee of 1.75%

iZettle card reader costs

Cost of hardware (card reader)£29
Card transaction fee1.75%
Virtual terminal fee2.5%

Which cards does iZettle accept?

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • V Pay
  • JCB
  • Union Pay
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Apple and Android Pay

Note: iZettle is one of the only card readers to take payments from JCB, Union Pay and Discover.

Is iZettle for me?

iZettle is proud of its reputation for being 25% faster than other mobile card readers. And even its transfers are speedy: the money will hit your account the next day. 

You can also use the iZettle card reader with hardware like receipt printers, cash drawers, and barcode scanners, so it can work as part of a complete POS system, or just hooked up to your smartphone or tablet for ease. And if it makes things even easier, iZettle also offers tailored all-round EPOS system solutions.

With ultra-low costs and one of the highest quality apps around, iZettle is a great alternative to traditional ways of processing card payments, and great for more innovative and budget-conscious businesses.

iZettle is well-suited to startups looking to take payments quickly in a no-fuss fashion. If you’re good with basic tech, and don’t often pick up the phone for customer support, then this is the reader for you.

3. Square card reader

Best for: card machine features

Image of Square's card reader

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer average score

Square pros and cons

Low transaction rates (1.75%Pin on glass is unusual
Transparent pricingApp integrations cost extra
One of the most features-heavy
No monthly fees, no lock-ins
Great, comprehensive app

Square card reader costs

Cost of hardware (card reader)£29
Card transaction fee1.75%
Virtual terminal fee2.5%

Which cards are accepted?

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Maestro
  • Visa Electron
  • Vpay

Is Square for me?

Square's card reader is designed for small business owners wanting to keep costs low without missing out on the good stuff – like the option to integrate its accompanying POS software with food delivery apps or customer relationship management systems. 

The card reader itself is a high-spec device that allows customers to enter their pins on the glass of your phone or tablet, rather than tapping buttons on a keypad. While unconventional, you can be reassured that Square adopts the highest security standards when it comes to developing its products. 

Clean and simple, Square’s card reader adds a breath of fresh air into the payment process, and shows that it’s putting itself at the forefront when it comes to pioneering the future of the payments market.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one payment solution, you may want to check out the Square terminal, which also allows you to manage items and print receipts from one device.

4. Worldpay card machines

Best for: Security and Flexibility

worldpay card machine

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer average score

Worldpay pros and cons

Voted favourite by small businessesPay-as-you-go plan not value for money
Business Manager tool
Decent fraud protection
Range of card readers
Wifi-free payments possible

Worldpay pricing

No contract: Worldpay pay-as-you-go plan

Cost of hardware (card reader)£69 (excl. VAT)
Card transaction fee2.5% + 4p

Contracted: Worldpay Simplicity plan (18 month contract)

Cost of hardware (card reader)£4.99/mo (ecl. VAT)
Card transaction fee1.5%

Cards accepted by Worldpay:

  • Mastercard credit and debit cards
  • Maestro
  • Visa credit and debit cards
  • American Express
  • Visa Electron
  • Visa Purchasing
  • PayPal

Is Worldpay for me?

With Worldpay, it’s all about the options. Not only does it offer a range of contracts and transaction fee rates, which you can select based on your monthly sales income, it also offers a range of card readers, too. 

To secure the best transaction fee rate, we suggest that you opt for Worldpay’s Simplicity plan; an 18 month contract which sees the percentage you pay per transaction drop from 2.5% to 1.5% – one of the lowest rates around.

Worldpay is for those who prioritise security over everything, so you can look forward to robust fraud protection and complete PCI compliance (security standards for processing card payments). Plus, with 24/7 support, you’ll never be left in the dark.

Whether you’re looking for a mobile card reader to take on the road, or a fixed terminal for your shop point of sale area, Worldpay’s payment taking solutions are robust options for small businesses.

5. PayPal card machine

Best for: Growing businesses

paypal card machine

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer average score

PayPal pros and cons

Cheapest for high volume salesUSB and Diners Club cards not supported
Fastest for transfers (instant)Need at least Bluetooth 2.0 on phone
Top rated app
PayPal Seller Protection
Syncs well with other platforms

PayPal card reader costs

Cost of hardware (card reader)£45 (excl. VAT)
Card transaction fee1 – 2.75%

PayPal transaction fees

Monthly salesTransaction fee
Less than £1,500.012.75%
£1,500.01 – £6,0001.75%
£6,000.01 – £15,0001.5%
More than £15,0001%

Which cards does PayPal accept?

  • Mastercard 
  • Maestro
  • Visa 
  • American Express

Is PayPal for me?

Having already proven itself in the ecommerce space, the PayPal Here card reader shows this company to be a leader in making payments easy – offline as well as online.

PayPal Here stands out in a few key areas for small businesses: your money lands instantly into your PayPal account and can be transferred to your business bank account in a few hours. Also, its transaction rates are the best for high volume businesses.

Overall, PayPal Here is an intuitive card machine and complete sales system from a trusted brand. Once you’re bringing in over £6,000 a month, the transaction fees are cheaper than with any other provider – and for the mega earners, it’s a lot cheaper (1%).

With the option to transfer funds from your PayPal account to your business bank account within two hours, PayPal Here is a great option for those looking for complete control over their money.

6. Barclays Anywhere card reader

Best for familiarity and low transaction fees

best card machines for small businesses

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer average score

Barclays card machine pros and cons

No monthly fees or lock-insOnly accepts Visa and Mastercard
Clear pricingNeed a Barclays account
A trusted payment gateways brand
Mobile, easy-to-use card reader

Barclays Anywhere card reader costs

Card reader cost£29 (excl. VAT)
Card reader transaction fees1.6%

What cards does Barclays Anywhere accept?

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro

Is Barclaycard Anywhere for me?

Barclays’ nifty little device accepts credit and debit card payments from your smartphone or tablet, and through chip and pin and contactless.

On top of that, you’ll benefit from decent Barclays phone support and a straightforward (if not too basic) app.

At 1.6%, the Barclaycard Anywhere offers one of the lowest transaction rates going, but your compromises are that the card reader only accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro payments and refunds cost 75p to process.

Barclaycard Anywhere is one for those who would prefer to stick with a bank they can trust, and the Barclaycard Anywhere card machine will save you hassle if you already have a Barclays account.

Best card readers for small business: the verdict

As you can see, there are plenty of options for small businesses looking to take card payments.

In the list below, we've summarised our reviews of the best card machines for small business in the UK:

  • Sumup – best for cheap transaction fees; no monthly fees, easy-to-use app and great customer support
  • iZettle – best for all round use; excellent for new businesses and 25% faster than competitors
  • Square – best for features; a comprehensive app and no monthly fees or ‘lock-ins'
  • Worldpay – best for flexibility; counter-top, mobile and mobile readers available, voted best by small businesses
  • PayPal – best for a growing business; has a top-rated app and is fastest for depositing funds into a bank account
  • Barclays – best for familiarity and flexibility; mobile, easy-to-use card reader and clear pricing

Card machine price: how much will one cost me?

When it comes to card reader costs, there are two parts.

  1. The cost of the device itself
  2. The transaction fees that the supplier charges to process the transaction

We've put the costs of our top 6 small business card readers in a table so you can compare prices side by side.

Card readerDevice costTransaction fee
WorldPay (Simplicity plan)£4.99/month1.5%
PayPal Here £451%-2.75%
Barclays Anywhere£291.6%

Chip and pin machines: Buying vs renting

Whether it makes sense to buy or rent a card machine depends on your appetite for flexibility as well as your individual business set-up.

Buying a card machine

Chip and pin machines don’t have to cost the earth, and getting your own device will often save you in the long term with no monthly commitment or exit charges.

These are the pros and cons of buying a chip and pin machine:


  • No monthly commitment
  • Cheaper in the long-term
  • Pairs with EPOS systems
  • Your device, your rules
  • Competitive advantage


  • Initial costs
  • No replacements
  • Can go out-of-date

Renting a card machine

Long or short term card machine hire is a popular option for small businesses. Perhaps you only work seasonally, or you just like the added maintenance and support that comes with renting equipment.

These are the pros and cons of card machine hire:


  • No purchase costs
  • Maintenance included
  • Ideal for short-term
  • Support team on hand
  • Latest device renewals


  • No ownership
  • Higher costs long-term
  • Contract lock-ins
  • Possible exit fees

Card machine success stories

block and bottle testimonial

Block & Bottle’s customers like paying by card

“We often have people asking if we take card when they come to the shop, and they are always very happy when they hear that we do.”

– Katie Cullen, Owner of free-range shop Block & Bottle in Gateshead

hilda valerie testimonial

Florist Hilda Valerie has seen a sales boost

“The majority of our customers want to pay using a card, and without the ability to process card payments, we would have lost a sizeable number of customers.”

– Natasha Bartlett-Twivey, Floral Designer at Hilda Valerie

Benefits of card machines for small businesses

Is a card machine right for your small business? Of course, it varies from business to business. But this is what it could do for you:

  1. Up your sales –
    Today’s customers expect to pay by card, and giving them what they want will help stop them from walking
  2. Build your credibility –
    Card machines make you seem more professional, which is especially important if your small business is still fairly newborn
  3. Save on admin –
    Forget the bank runs and streamline your account management by linking your terminal to your computer or smartphone
  4. Take safer payments –
    Card machines have extra security built-in to protect both you and your customers
  5. Be ready for the future –
    Cash is drying up, and it’s a good idea to think ahead – so fill in our handy quote finder without delay, and get the cardreader ball rolling for your business.

Key questions when choosing a card reader

We've answered some key questions that customers have when choosing the right card reader

Do fees differ between providers? 

Some providers have flat rates whereas others will offer cheaper fees the higher your sales volumes. Check that your sales volume will match the provider’s minimum requirements to make the most of any deals to be had

What is a mobile card reader?

A mobile card reader is a device that you can take to your customers when it's time to take payment. It's especially helpful if you’re in the hospitality industry and it helps with social distancing measures in the current Covid-19 pandemic

How many card readers should I have?

Customers don’t like waiting to pay, and poor service might stop them coming back – make sure you have enough machines to allow maximum payment efficiency

Which types of card do I need to accept?  

Most people understand that small businesses may only be able to accept a limited number of cards, but the more options you give your customers to pay with, the better. Most card readers will accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express

Why should I start accepting contactless payments?

One in three UK card payments are made using a contactless card or e-wallet. Therefore, having a contactless point of sale option is a must, especially if you’re often making sales of £45 or less

What's the best card reader for iPhone? 

All mobile card readers are compatible with the iOS operating system and so are the majority of accompanying apps. However, some accompanying apps, such as iZettle Food and Drink for hospitality businesses, are only compatible with iPads.


Next steps: compare card machines

The rise of easy-to-use, strings-free and cheap card machines have become a game-changer for ambitious small businesses wanting to make taking card payments easy and affordable.

The next step is to talk directly to the UK’s leading credit card processing providers – if you’d like to be matched with the best card readers for your small business specifically, simply select an option below and we'll pair you with top providers.

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