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Payzone is one of the UK's best known merchant service providers. Find out more about the company here and compare credit card processing quotes

Payzone is leading payment services provider that has been providing payment solutions to small businesses and consumers across the UK for over 25 years.

The company offers a range of services, processing everything from debit and credit card transactions, online payments, and mobile payments, through to mobile phone top ups, M50 motorway toll payments, travel cards, pay-by-phone-parking, and more.

Payzone UK specialises in providing services that meet the specific yet varying needs of small businesses, focussing on making payments easier for retailers, businesses, and consumers.

Founded in 1989, Payzone originally traded as Alphyra and ITG Group. Today, over £1.2 billion transaction are handled through Payzone each and every year.

Payzone Credit Card Processing

Payzone offers a range of credit card processing solutions that allow small businesses to take card payments:

Card Machines

Payzone card terminals allow merchants to take face-to-face payments quickly and efficiently. From countertop machines, that are ideal for cafes and stores, through to Bluetooth enabled portable machines that are perfect fro bars and restaurants, as well as mobile machines that are ideal for delivery businesses and pop-up shops, Payzone offers a wide range of card machine solutions that

Payzone offers:

  • Countertop card machines – Compact and easy to use, these countertop card machines simply need to be plugged into an electric socket and connected to a telephone line or broadband network.
  • Portable card machines – With Bluetooth connectivity, portable card machines allow merchants to take payments anywhere within 50 meters of the base unit.
  • Mobile card machines – Thanks to a built in SIM, mobile card machines remove the need for a Wi-Fi or telephone connection to take a payment. The terminal will connect to the strongest mobile phone GPRS network that’s available.

Online Payments

Online payments are more popular than ever. Payzone’s range of online card processing options allow businesses to take card payments online. Payzone offers four ways to process online card payments:

  • Pay by link – This allows merchants to send payment links to customers. Once they’ve clicked the link, the payment amount is automatically populated, so they simply need to input their card details and press pay.
  • e-Invoicing – With e-Invoicing, merchants can email invoices directly to customers, allowing them to take payments anywhere with internet access.
  • Pay page – By linking their online shopping baskets to a Payzone Pay Page, merchants can take secure, fast payments. The pay page can also be fully branded with the business’ brand identity so it fits seamlessly into the rest of the site.
  • Virtual Terminal – Using an internet-connected computer or tablet, merchants can take payments over the phone by simply completing an online form to process a secure payment.

Phone Payments

Whether merchants opt for a countertop, portable, or mobile card payment terminal, they will be able to process cardholder not present transactions, allowing them to instantly take payments over the phone.

All Payzone merchants are connected to a local specialist who will help them to price their package individually. This prevents businesses from paying for services that they don’t need. There are also no set-up or exit fees involved.

Payzone Credit Cards

Payzone do not offer credit cards. The do, however, offer a range of payment services and solutions to compliment their payment processing solutions. These services offer consumers quick and efficient, hassle-free ways to make payments, whilst allowing retailers to boost footfall, increase revenue, and earn commission.

Payzone retailers can offer a range of services, including:

  • Utilities & Bills – Provide payments for major energy and gas suppliers, council tax, and rent
  • Mobile Top-ups & SIMs – Provide mobile top-ups and SIM cards for all major mobile networks
  • International Calling Cards – A range of international calling cards that allow customers to make low cost calls to friends and family abroad
  • The Health Lottery & LottoSocial – Allow customers to enter the Health Lottery and manage their LottoSocial account
  • Transport & Ticketing – Allow customers to pay the Dart charge or top up their smart transport tickets
  • Parcel Collection – Allow customers to easily collect their parcels by becoming a Hermes partner
  • Prepaid Debit Cards – Customers can top up prepaid debit cards from a range of providers
  • Online Gaming – Provide PokerStars and Neosurf gaming vouchers so customers can play safely and securely

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