33. GoGroopie

The daily deals site bringing you products and services that “make you feel good”

Founder: Jonathan Mackey
Founded: September 2010 (launched June 2011)
Website: www.gogroopie.com

A daily deals site is certainly not a new concept, in fact, it’s a pretty congested marketplace to attempt to enter, but the founder of start-up GoGroopie was determined he could offer something new. With a business model that is “operationally unique”, the brand has seen rapid growth since launching in June 2011, and now works with a huge range of partners to deliver goods to consumers.

Unlike a lot of their competitors, GoGroopie has grown organically – avoiding the well-documented rise and fall of lots of volume-based discount marketplaces. With no external funding, the company has had to focus on a long-term business model, which has enabled steady development and a continual upward growth trajectory. In the next 12 months, the team are focused on their ambitious long-term mission to become “the UK’s most customer-focused discount marketplace”, with plans to invest in technology to enhance the website’s usability as well as turning their attention to mobile marketing and applications.


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