66. SalesGossip

The fashion deals aggregator continuing to help shoppers find all the UK’s best bargains in one place

Founders: Elizabetta Camilleri and Emilio Sanz
Founded: June 2011 (launched November 2012)
Website: www.salesgossip.co.uk

Listed in our 2013 Startups 100, SalesGossip’s proposition is a simple one – by aggregating all the latest deals and sample sales from the UK’s fashion retailers, it saves shoppers the hassle of checking each retailer individually, whilst driving up sales and exposure for the businesses themselves. The site now receives more than 350,000 visitors a month – a figure increasing by 20% per month – and leading brands such as ASOS, House of Fraser and Armani are just some of the platform’s rapidly growing list of clients.

It is clear that SalesGossip is now regarded as an important player in the fashion e-commerce market, something demonstrated in February of this year when it successfully closed a second round of funding, securing a further £600,000 from a group of leading angel investors. The founders plan to use this funding to increase turnover eightfold to £800,000 in 2014 as SalesGossip starts a “big push’” into mobile, with international expansion now also on the horizon.


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