76. PleaseCycle

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Founders: Ry Morgan and Antony Ganjou
Founded: October 2010 (launched November 2011)
Website: www.pleasecycle.com

Making our Startups 100 index for the third year in a row, PleaseCycle’s proposition has continued its growth in popularity amongst employers keen to incentivise their workforce to cycle through the start-up’s ‘BikeMiles’ scheme. Now with around 80 corporate clients including Aegis Group, Bloomberg and JMP, the company has also launched a major new white-label partnership with Halfords, which will see UK consumers earn rewards and track rides through the hardware stores’ own-branded scheme.

Indeed, PleaseCycle’s growth has been such that the founders admit they are struggling to keep up with the exponentially increasing volume of clients and the business is currently in the midst of a £345,000 seed round – which will give the company an impressive post-valuation of £1.7m – to help cope with the burgeoning demand. Alongside its client Aegis Media’s plan to launch PleaseCycle’s service in eight countries globally, the founders are recruiting a German speaker in preparation for PleaseCycle’s first in-house international expansion.

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