84. Reviveaphone

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Founder: Oliver Murphy
Founded: June 2012
Website: www.reviveaphone.com

One of the youngest entrepreneurs ever to secure investment on Dragons’ Den (and the youngest entrepreneur on our list), 21-year old Oliver Murphy caught the eye of Kelly Hoppen – along with £50,000 of her cash – after demonstrating his innovative do-it-yourself water damage recovery kit for smartphones, which has the user immerse their phone in a bag of chemicals to remove impurities that damage the circuitry. Boosted by the television exposure, Reviveaphone – which was started with just £400 from Murphy’s mum’s airing cupboard – has been going from strength to strength ever since.

Now selling around 3,000 units per month in the UK alone, the start-up is currently closing deals with distributors to put the kits in retail stores for the first time, a move which is set to significantly boost sales for the business. In addition to its UK success, Reviveaphone is garnering a strong international following; the start-up has begun to sell kits to large retail clients in New Zealand, South Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East, with more countries and regions planned. Murphy plans to expand the Reviveaphone brand to cover general phone repairs, recycling and insurance over the next year as the company consolidates its growing status in the UK and internationally.

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