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Founders: Serge Taborin and Tim Bichara
Founded: December 2012
Website: www.qappmobile.com

Anyone who has been to a city centre bar on a Friday or Saturday night will know the feeling of standing at the bar, £10 note in hand, desperately jostling with other customers to grab the attention of harried-looking staff. Serge Taborin and Tim Bichara’s new start-up Q App is the frontrunner in a wave of tech firms (including Bar Pass) which claim to eliminate this hassle once and for all; customers can place their drinks order and pay through their smartphones, receiving a notification when their order is ready to collect.

The app’s potential utility is self-evident, and with 17 venue owners – including the Royal Albert Hall – and thousands of users signed up already, Q App is quickly gathering steam. Almost every bar and entertainment venue could potentially benefit from the increased efficiency and custom the Q App model brings, and with venture capital backing secured, the start-up is set to build upon its leading position and grow significantly over the next year.

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