92. HealthBerry

The real-time patient feedback tool helping NHS organisations improve their quality of care

Founder: Dawson King
Founded: February 2014
Website: www.healthberry.com

When 23 separate NHS organisations sign up to your service less than 24 hours after launching, it would be fair to say you may have stumbled upon something big. Created as a response to government efforts to improve patient accountability in the NHS, HealthBerry is a Software-as-a-Service platform (SaaS) which allows organisations to aggregate patient feedback across different social media outlets in a single feed, reading and responding to it in real-time.

Founder Dawson King said that despite some initial confusion from NHS clients about the nature of a SaaS product – as they were more used to software that “comes on a CD and does what it says on the box” – uptake and initial feedback has been strong, and with 31 organisations signed up within two weeks (including NHS England and Great Ormond St Hospital), it’s hard to argue. Currently free whilst in beta, the service will charge £50 per month for the service to its clients, helping to drive expected revenues of £1.4m in Healthberry’s first year of existence.


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