66. AeroCloud

The intelligent airport management platform that's breathing life back into the aviation industry

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Founders: George Richardson and Ian Forde-Smith
Founded: 2017
Website: aerocloudsystems.com/

Due to the impact of Covid-19, airports are struggling to go back to the amount of traffic they had in pre-pandemic times. Just as a lot of other industries rely on mobility, they have to work smarter than ever to cut their often-exorbitant costs and make their colossal space profitable again.

Enter Aerocloud. This company founded in the North West of England realised that despite technology being at the very heart of the aviation industry, airports are managing their space like it’s still 1990.

Its founders are fundamentally different and yet complimentary.

Its founders are fundamentally different and yet complementary when it comes to business. George Richardson, a professional race car driver, was dreaming about building a tech unicorn, while aviation industry expert Ian Forde Smith already understood airport problems well, and believed that AI and machine learning were the answer.

Now put the founders’ diverse backgrounds in the same pot, give it a stir, and you end up with this unique solution. An intelligent airport management platform that not only centralises all airport data but also predicts passenger numbers. AeroCloud is a powerful tool that allows teams to work faster and better while ensuring gates are properly managed.

Their customer-centric solution is as flexible as possible.

It doesn’t stop here: Aerocloud’s software is entirely cloud-native, completely modular – which means you only pay for what you use – and doesn’t limit the number of users.

And that’s what, for us, makes a real difference: their customer-centric solution is as flexible as possible. And in a world where customer experience is the epitome of good practice for startups, Aerocloud’s strategy could not be more on point.

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