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Farillio provides an ecosystem of relevant, accurate and reliable resources designed to democratise business knowledge and enable firms to succeed.

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Founder(s): Merlie Calvert
Founded: 2017
Website: farill.io

The past year has given an assorted cocktail of challenges to SMEs, with Brexit, the rise in national insurance and, not to forget, the global coronavirus pandemic.

Contending with these issues creates lots of hard-to-solve problems. But, advisory services and third-party consultants can be expensive, and aren’t accessible to every small business owner.

That’s why Farillio pulls every type of information source it can into one, easily-navigable platform. Its founder, Merlie Calvert, is a former top London competition lawyer, and her expertise and experience form the foundation of the Farillio platform.

Farillio pulls every type of information source it can into one, easily-navigable platform

Explainer videos, self-serve guides, and flexible legal templates populate the site, covering all the key areas needed to succeed from advice on gaining funding, to finding the best insurance provider. Distributed by household names including Aviva and DirectLine, it’s also well-aligned with major B2B brands.

Farillio might not be the first to have the idea, but it’s certainly one of the best-executed platforms of its type. Its unique tech architecture and impressive dedication to research and development mean Farillio has built an outstanding and innovative library of small business help.

Over 3.5 million users have signed up to Farillio’s route-to-market enterprise channel

Recently, Calvert also launched “Farillio as a platform” for mid-sized law firms, consultancies and global in-house legal teams – all of whom appreciate the simplicity, fitness for purpose and easy configuration offered by Farillio.

But it hasn’t forgotten its core customers. Over 3.5 million users have signed up to Farillio’s route-to-market enterprise channel, which is specifically designed to help new businesses emerge into the market, entirely free of charge.

Calvert’s next goal is to meet investor appetite and license the product globally, and deliver their expert advice outside of UK borders. With its sleek, navigable library for modern-day business owners, we suspect the Farillio journey will see it arrive at even greener pastures soon.

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