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Genflow helps creators become entrepreneurs. We work with some of the biggest creators from YouTube, TikTok and Instagram and help them launch their own brands in the fitness, beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries

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Founder: Shan Hanif
Founded: 2016
Website: genflow.com

The creator economy industry is thriving and Genflow’s business aims to help creators own their audience across social platforms and launch their own brands. Since its founding in 2016, Genflow has worked with creators to generate over $100m in brand value.

With a global team of 90+ employees across seven cities, Genflow has the support and structure to assist creators launch their own brands and helping them set up sales, marketing and e-commerce funnels.

Genflow’s clients range from leading fitness creators, to beauty clients, as well as some leading fashion creators on Instagram and TikTok. What Genflow offers to these clients is their placement in the creator economy industry, plus the digital know-how to help creators create campaigns, build apps and launch fitness and apparel products.

Genflow's clientele includes YouTube's fitness creator Lilly Sabri, who boasts a following of 3 million on YouTube, and post-pandemic has launched her own fitness app, LEAN, with a huge subscriber rate

Creators wanting to know just how far they can scale with Genflow need look no further than the jewel in its client-base crown: YouTuber Lilly Sabri (with 3 million YouTube subscribers), and Jordyn Woods (with 12 million Instagram followers) — who have both launched their own fitness apps.

“We help the world’s biggest creators become entrepreneurs,” says Genflow founder Shan Hanif. “We’re a platform that allows creators to own their audience and build their own brands.”

A data-led analysis and insight platform helps Genflow to support influencers with the best emerging opportunities

With an $11m funding round in January 2020, Genflow has opened two new divisions within the business: Genflow Talent & Genflow Drops. The Talent division is a full-service management agency that works with some of the leading influencers like Siannise Fudge, Luke Trotman, Jodie Woods, Lauren Wood and FatherKels.

Genflow Drops is a print-on-demand service that allows every creator to launch their own brand with a complete infrastructure and streamlined process.

With offices in central London and LA, and a growing list of new roles it’s seeking to hire, Genflow is betting big on the future of the creator economy and seeking further growth in the coming years.

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