KIDLY provides parent-tested children’s products to stock the best items, not all the items, for the 21st century family.

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Founder: James Hart
Founded: 2016
Website: http://www.kidly.co.uk

Take a look around the KIDLY website and it’s easy to see where the inspiration for the site came from. Co-founder James Hart was one of the first employees at online fashion marketplace ASOS, and KIDLY stands out as a similarly innovative site that’s answering consumer demand.

As any new parent knows, researching the best products for your baby can be tiresome. Father of three Hart knew this more than most, so he decided to build KIDLY. The one-stop online shop sources responsible and high-quality children’s items for 0–5-year-olds, to be sold on one, effortless website.

Like ASOS, KIDLY stands out as an innovative site that’s answering consumer demand.

KIDLY combines the twin trends of the ecommerce and post-pandemic baby booms, and there's huge potential in the platform’s business model. The site features a wide selection of modern brands – including everything from childrenswear and toys, to feeding sets and teepees – and every one of its 4,000 items is first reviewed by a chosen family for one month. This ‘Parent Test’ set up has helped to turn KIDLY into a social shopping community, where parents are able to interact with each other and share feedback on products.

Every one of its 4,000 items is first reviewed by a chosen family for one month

Hart recently also set up the KIDLY Family Fund to provide support to charities helping kids and families in need, donating up to £100k this year through various initiatives. On top of all of this, it recently launched its own children’s brand, the KIDLY label, which is almost entirely made from organic or sustainable materials.

Oh, the places they’ll go! We can’t wait to see what’s in store. The kid’s ecommerce market is certainly KIDLY’s playground.

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