60. Peyk

This London-based startup has made it easy to send packages from A to B easily and within a matter of minutes...

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Founder: Salman Moghimi
Founded: 2018
Website: www.peyk.uk

Ever left your keys somewhere inconvenient, and had to stop what you’re doing to go and pick them up? Or have you ever needed to drop something off at a friend’s house, but not fancied stepping out into the weather, or driving out into the traffic, to do it? Enter Peyk, a courier service that can get personal packages from A to B at impressive speeds.

Founded in 2018 by Salman Moghimi, the Peyk app can be used to book peer-to-peer package pickups and deliveries in London. According to the startup, trips can be booked in just three clicks, and the nearest driver (or Peyker, as they’re known) will arrive at the pickup spot within 20 minutes. The typical delivery time is a breathtaking 15 minutes, while the average customer pays £4 for a trip.

The typical delivery time is a breathtaking 15 minutes, while the average customer pays £4 for a trip

But Peyk’s speedy operation doesn’t just serve individuals. London-based shops can use Peyk’s business dashboard to book instant deliveries to their customers, while ecommerce companies can integrate Peyk’s API to benefit from superfast shipping. You can forget next-day delivery – you can even forget same-day delivery – because Peyk is empowering merchants to provide the ultimate convenience: same-hour delivery.

With Londoners leading such busy lives, it’s no surprise that Peyk has proved popular. The startup has been able to get 3,000 Peykers out on the road: a thriving network that can cover lots of deliveries. Plus, 80% of these Peykers make their trips on bicycles, limiting the business’s environmental impact and preventing traffic delays.

Peyk is empowering merchants to provide the ultimate in convenience: same-hour delivery

With no operating hours to speak of (except to say that Peyk is active 24/7), we expect to see plenty of Peykers on the roads – day and night – in the years to come.

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