65. Uhubs

The platform dedicated to helping sales teams smash targets and improve performance

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Founders: Matt Milligan and Ash Ali
Founded: 2019
Website: www.uhubs.co.uk/

The best way to think of London-based Uhubs is as a platform dedicated to people’s growth. Founded by Matt Milligan and Ash Ali, Uhubs helps sales teams thrive, develop and smash their targets by understanding their weaknesses and their strengths.

The story started in 2016. The two founders met at an event and discovered that they were both frustrated by the lack of meaningful workplace development. There is nothing like a conversation about workplace frustration to bring people together.

It allows people from any kind of department across a business to know more about their sales teams.

As luck would have it, fate united them three more times within the next two years. They both fully understood the signs; it was time to work together.

That’s how in 2019 they created Uhubs, a platform that not only understands the particularity of each sales team through in-depth polls but that also gives a clear representation of its positives and the negatives through reporting and dashboards.

It allows people from any kind of department across a business, from the budget holders to HR, to know more about their sales teams. It also allows the management team to capitalize on those results by figuring out the best way to support their sales team.

To bring out the best in people, Uhubs has also created masterclasses and sprints, which come with an accreditation upon achievement.

Ali and Miligan have a plan: to help even more teams to thrive.

With such a story and numerous prestigious clients, including Salesforce, G2 and EY, one might wonder when this startup is going to plateau. What’s left to do when you’ve created a platform that helps thousands of people to grow their careers?

Well, it looks like Ali and Miligan have a plan: to help even more teams to thrive. One billion people by 2030 exactly. An ambitious target for a company that we know has everything it needs to smash it.

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