83. Zoa Rental

Zoa is the UK’s first rental-as-a-service platform, providing a sustainable and affordable alternative to fast fashion consumption.

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Founder: Isabella West
Founded: 2018
Website: zoarental.com

Zoa empowers both retailers and startups to launch their own rental service in less than 4 weeks. The founder, West, first launched Hirestreet, one of the UK’s first fashion rental platforms. The experience and data from Hirestreet gave West the knowledge and ability to then go on and build the UK’s first rental-as-a-service platform.

Zoa works with businesses to build their rental brand, providing everything from technological support, warehousing, cleaning and reporting.

Zoa’s platform brings sustainability to the forefront of the UK fashion industry.

Zoa Rental is a flexible platform, brands can use the rental technology and embed it into their own platform and deal with the logistics themselves. Alternatively, they can also use all of the services provided and have Zoa handle almost everything.

With no onboarding fees, Zoa has made its platform accessible to many businesses including startups or those on a limited budget. Zoa takes a commission on each rental, the rate of which depends on the level of service the business receives.

We wanted to create the Shopify of sharing

Zoa’s platform brings sustainability to the forefront of the UK fashion industry. Zoa has the ability to set up rental businesses of all sizes, in the last year it’s launched several innovative features, enhancing the rental market. This includes a Try On Service, Dynamic Rental Pricing and Party Bookings.

The rental market offers consumers new ways to try clothes that may be out of their price range or experience a new brand or clothing item. Zoa offers all this in an accessible way, expanding the rental market and in the words of West “We wanted to create the Shopify of sharing”.

Zoa has the ability to revolutionize the fashion industry and we hope more brands incorporate this into their business model.

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