People’s Champion finalist 2018: Feast It

This event catering specialist has seen enquiries grow by an astounding 3,000% in 12 months. But is it your People’s Champion?

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Start-up name: Feast It
Founders: Digby Vollrath and Hugo Campbell
Started in: May 2016
Based in: London
Business description: Online marketplace for street food vendors

Shortlisted category:

Best Place to Work

The Feast It story:

Great to work with, a sense of theatre, and absolutely delicious. These are the stipulations that Feast It – an event catering specialist that handpicks fantastic food and drinks suppliers – asks of potential suppliers.

Using these qualifications, it’s managed to assemble an online database of over 450 of the country’s best food and drink outlets, which potential customers can search through and book for anything from corporate city parties to festival-themed weddings in the countryside.

By focusing on what customers want, Feast It has seen inbound enquiries grow by an incredible 3,000% in 12 months, and revenue grow by 30% month-on-month over the last half a year.

Less than 2% of bookings are cancelled and it claims to have an excellent customer return rate.

Founders Digby Vollrath and Hugo Campbell were recently included in our Young Guns index of the top young entrepreneurs in the country aged 35 and under, and also came 34th in our Startups 100 index back in May.

So why is Feast It a finalist for Best Place to Work? All employees are given Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) options, flexible working, and healthy snacks and drinks. It also holds three-monthly reviews and progress reports as well weekly founder meetings to discuss their ambitions.

What’s more, Feast It has open doors to all meetings around company engagement and transparent daily stand ups to make sure everyone is aware of everything from revenue to funding goals.

Why Feast It made our shortlist:

Building your brand and finding customers are enduring problems for food and drink businesses and a company that’s helping them succeed is one we can get behind!

Feast It also has an innovative and research-driven approach to understanding its customers that’s helped it see a boom in enquiries and bookings that’s sure to continue.

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