People’s Champion finalist 2018: Linkilaw

Founded by an inspiring young entrepreneur, this startup-friendly legal service helps small firms negotiate the perils of the corporate jungle. Does it get your vote?

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Start-up name: LinkiLaw
Founder: Alexandra Isenegger
Started in: London
Based in: 2015
Business description: Start-up-friendly legal firm aiming to demystify business law

Shortlisted category:

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

The LinkiLaw story

At the age of 21, most young lawyers are still trying to get a job – let alone thinking about exiting one.

But Alexandra Isenegger was already working on plans to quit her high-powered job and start her own company, a venture that would eliminate the transparency and inefficiency that gives the industry a bad name.

Isenegger’s company, LinkiLaw, is a legal platform aimed at start-ups which provides two principal services.

Its drafting facility delivers legally sound contracts without charging a fortune for the privilege. If clients need anything more niche or specialist, LinkiLaw’s marketplace connects with them a lawyer who can help. These lawyers pay to be part of LinkiLaw’s marketplace, but clients aren’t charged a fee to access them.

Everything the company does is designed to make the legal process simpler and easier for young companies.

Those who are flummoxed by the complexities of commercial law can book a free advice session, which culminates in a report detailing the specialist legal support they require. LinkiLaw’s website also offers a plethora of advice at the click of a button, a sort of niche version of Quora aimed at those entering the corporate jungle.

Isenegger is also a regular contributor to the original Quora, and her constant willingness to advise the business community has helped LinkiLaw establish a firm following.

Last year the company consolidated its position by acquiring legal comparison site LawyerFair, vowing to create the “largest legal marketplace” in the UK.

Now Isenegger is determined to become the UK’s leading company for all things legal, helping the company’s dynamic business community find the advice it needs while also advising lawyers on better ways of working. 

Determined to keep improving, Isenegger tells us that she regularly rises at 5am and divides her priorities into an A-D category system, focusing on getting all the As and Bs done by the time her head hits the pillow again.

This relentless approach should give lawyers across the country reason to worry: their days of padding the bill could soon be at an end.

Why LinkiLaw made our shortlist:

As a small business publisher, we love seeing someone deliver an idea that’s genuinely beneficial to the start-up community. LinkiLaw’s service is a game-changer for the UK’s start-up scene and could enable a raft of disruptive business ideas to reach fruition.

Isenegger herself is an inspiration, not only for her ferocious work ethic but for her willingness to confront the legal industry’s perennial practices and offer a better way of doing things. 

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