People’s Champion finalist 2018: Talentful

Could this thoughtful recruitment company that parachutes in consultants to trouble-shoot clients’ recruitment problems be your People's Champion?

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Start-up name: Talentful
Founders: Phil Blaydes, Chris Abbass
Started in: October 2015
Based in: London
Business description: Industry-disrupting recruitment consultants with networks across the UK, Sweden and Germany

Shortlisted categories:

Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and Best Place to Work 

The Talentful story:

For some recruitment companies, the process of client interaction is little more than the odd phone call and a few emails, listing people who might – or might not – be a good fit for the company.

Talentful, however, sees things very different.

Recognising that start-ups stand and fall by their recruitment, the company is happy to become a partner to its early stage clients, parachuting in consultants to work directly alongside them.

Founded by two experienced recruitment consultants, Phil Blaydes and Chris Abbass, Talentful aims to change the way we approach recruitment. By sending consultants to work hand-in-hand with the client, the founders say that “we know what sort of hire the company needs. Because, in essence, we are part of the company.”

In case that wasn’t far enough outside the box for you, Talentful has also scrapped the traditional model of success fees preferred by traditional recruiters.

Instead, it charges a monthly subscription fee that does not change dependent on how many hires they make in any given month. This ensures that it’s not constantly chasing those success fees and are instead more invested in making the right hire on behalf of their clients.

Its model of sending out recruiters to work on-site is of course dependent on having an exceptionally strong, astute and adaptable team of recruitment consultants. As such, its committed to reinvesting 2-3% of revenue in coaching and training. Every consultant has a coach to ensure ongoing improvement, and the Talentful Academy brings new recruits up to scratch before sending them out on the road.

Talentful currently boast a client retention rate of 91.25%, proving that its innovative model of operating produces great results.

Big-name clients such as Bloomberg, Netflix and have been wooed and secured, although the company keeps one foot firmly in the start-up realm, ensuring they stay true to their roots and help nurture a new generation of partners.

Although Blaydes and Abbass might not receive as much credit as they deserve, the impact they’re making on the recruitment industry should ensure plenty of acclaim in the years ahead.

Why Talentful made our shortlist:

Blaydes and Abbass have torn up the rule book for an industry that has typically favoured those who just want to fill a job and take their commission. Talentful’s innovative structure of sending out employees to work in-house and charging clients a monthly subscription shows its genuinely committed to finding the right people for the right job.

Additionally, the emphasis the business places on investing in and nurturing the talents of its own team, as well as its commitment to supporting emerging start-ups to grow and scale, is an amazing asset to the startup industry as a whole.

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