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What business to start in 2018

From extensive research, interviews and a sprinkling of intuition, reveals the 14 business ideas to launch this year

This year, our What business to start in 2018 report forms part of our wider #BeYourOwnBoss2018 campaign.

If you haven’t heard about it yet (where have you been?) we’re on a mission to inspire as many people as possible to start their own business.

One in four people are unhappy in their job, and a recent survey revealed a staggering 61% of employees aspire to work for themselves.

The barriers to starting up should not be underestimated, but with 2017 a record year for start-up funding – and small businesses contributing £1.4 trillion in turnover last year – it’s a landscape with plenty of potential for success.

And it’s yours for the taking in 2018.

So, if you are looking to go it alone, what better way to kick off the process than the ultimate business inspiration – our handpicked hottest business sectors for 2018.

We’ve conducted extensive research, trawled through industry reports from leading market insight groups such as Mintel and Euromonitor, and chatted to business experts and innovative start-ups with their fingers on the pulse.

Arguably a little more art than science, and using our own intuition born out of being the UK start-up landscape’s biggest site for 18 years, we’ve got 14 ideas to get your juices flowing.

From blue algae, the superfood ingredient you’ll be hearing lots more about and one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet to Swedish balance-through-moderation philosophy Lagom and 2018’s answer to hygge, there’s plenty to think about.

We’ve got business ideas you can run part-time, such as building revenue-generating games and quizzes for Amazon’s Alexa, setting up a halal-based pop-up stall at the weekends to meet growing demand, or even capitalising on the popularity of 90s fashion nostalgia.

And for those who wish to combine profit and purpose, perhaps becoming a care home developer would fill a yawning gap for our ageing population.

The list spans a whole cross-section of industries from fashion and fitness to proptech and healthech.

Some are new concepts and some are traditional industries with innovative twists.

They’re different but with one sure thing in common. With the right driving force behind them, they all have plenty of potential.

Now’s the time to unlock yours.

We’re providing all the inspiration you need, so why not flip Blue Monday on its head and turn a day that we’re told should be filled with misery into the beginnings of an exciting and prosperous future.

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