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The best small business EPOS systems

EPOS (electronic point of sale) systems are key for businesses who take face-to-face payments from customers. We compare the features, prices and pros and cons of four top systems

The best small business EPOS systems include:

Whether you’re running a shop, a salon, a cafe, a bar, or any business that takes onsite payments directly from customers, you’ll benefit hugely from a POS (point of sale) system.

Alongside taking and processing payments, a good POS system will help you to efficiently manage your business from one hub – by providing features such as sales reporting, inventory tracking, staff management, customer care and more.

Consisting of POS software and a range of hardware from which it runs, plenty of EPOS systems are well-suited to small business operations. But which is right for yours?

To help you decide, we’ve scoured EPOS offerings to find four of the best available to small businesses. Read on to learn all about them, what they’re best for, and how they might benefit your business…

POS system Best for… Price
iZettle Affordability From £450 (excluding VAT) upfront
Epos Now Scalability From £478.80 upfront or £47 per month
Worldpay Hub Simplicity From £50 per month
Payzone Support From £59.99 per month

iZettle: Best for affordability

iZettle’s key features

Having acquired intelligentpos – an Edinburgh-based supplier of cloud-based POS systems – in 2016, payments provider iZettle now offers a range of modern, mobile POS systems for businesses of all sizes.

Unlike the other options in this list, iZettle doesn’t offer a POS package that combines both hardware and software – meaning you’ll have to buy them separately.

It does, however, sell its hardware in collections of handy kits:

Hardware kit What’s included Price
iZettle store kit A receipt printer plus receipt paper
A cash drawer plus compact wrap
A tablet stand
Additional extras include an iPad and a card reader and dock
£450 (plus VAT) to £988 (plus VAT)
iZettle retail store kit The above, plus a barcode scanner £610 (plus VAT) to £1,168 (plus VAT)
iZettle store kit – mobile A card reader
A mobile receipt printer plus receipt paper
£259 (plus VAT)

iZettle’s POS software, which you’ll also need to buy, comes in three packages:

  • iZettle Go: A free, basic package complete with features such as inventory tracking and sales reports and analytics
  • iZettle Go PLUS: All the features of iZettle Go with add-ons such as ecommerce integration and premium support, costing £29 per month
  • iZettle Pro: Specifically for hospitality businesses, this package comes with functions such as table management, customer loyalty features, employee management and more, costing £39 per month

Read our review of the iZettle card reader.

Why iZettle is best for affordability

Unlike many other POS providers, iZettle offers a version of its software for free – and while the package is a basic one, it still does the POS essentials: it accepts card payments, reports on sales, tracks inventory and more.

Of course, you’ll still have to pay for transaction fees and hardware – but iZettle’s hardware is also affordable, with good bundles available for well under £1,000.

iZettle’s pros and cons

✓ The software has a free version ✘ Hardware to be bought separately
✓ Hardware bundles are available
✓ Software can be set up in five minutes
✓ Free software trials are available

If you’d prefer to take a look at the best iPad POS available to UK entrepreneurs, take a look at our guide to iPad POS systems.

Epos Now: Best for scalability

Epos Now’s key features

Currently the largest EPOS provider in the UK – with over 30,000 businesses using an Epos Now system – Epos Now offers complete EPOS bundles:

System What’s included Price
The complete EPOS solution A fixed touch screen terminal
A thermal receipt printer
An all-metal cash drawer
Either retail EPOS software or hospitality EPOS software
£1,438.80 upfront
Or £47 per month (starting price)
The iPad or Android tablet POS system A tablet stand
A receipt printer
An all-metal cash drawer
One month’s Epos Now software
Additional extras include an iPad Air and/or a chip and pin card terminal
£658.80 upfront for the iPad system
£478.80 upfront for the Android system

Alternatively, if you already have the hardware you need, you might choose to just buy Epos Now’s EPOS software, which is available in three packages:

  • The standard plan: £25 per month for features like cloud reporting, email support and help with your setup
  • The premium plan: £50 per month for the above, plus account management and 24/7 telephone support
  • The enterprise plan: A custom plan with add-ons like advanced reporting and onsite support.

Somewhat uniquely, Epos Now’s software comes in two main varieties – one designed specifically for retail businesses, and the other for hospitality ventures.

Each of these versions is powerful, with a range of useful features specific to either shops or food and drink establishments:

The retail system’s features include: The hospitality system’s features include:
  • Barcoding and stock management
  • Ecommerce integration
  • The ability to create promotions
  • A4 invoice creation and printing
  • A booking system
  • The ability to set up customer loyalty schemes
  • Shelf edge ticket and supplier linking
  • Online ordering and booking
  • A customisable table plan
  • Stock management
  • The ability to create a loyalty scheme
  • Cover reporting
  • Bill splitting
  • Multiple printer support
  • Multiple choice and popup notes for menu items

Alongside all this, Epos Now’s software also comes with a customisable dashboard from which to view performance and KPIs, inventory management, customer insights and staff performance monitoring.

Being cloud-based, the software’s ‘back office’ can be viewed from any internet-connected device, meaning you can check on your business on the go.

Learn more about Epos Now with our full review of the EPOS provider.

Why Epos Now is best for scalability

By increasing productivity and efficiency in the work environment, Epos Now aims to help small businesses grow.

As part of this, the provider makes it easy to upgrade your Epos Now package from a single hub to a multi-site system – with no hidden fees – when it comes time for you to open a new location.

Epos Now’s pros and cons

✓ The software can be learnt in 15 minutes ✘ Advanced 24/7 support costs extra
✓ Essential hardware is included
✓ Packages can be paid for with a single fee
✓ A 30-day free software trial is available

If you’re running a shop and would like to see more POS options that have been designed specifically for retail businesses, take a look at our guide to the best retail POS systems.

Worldpay Hub: Best for simplicity

Worldpay Hub’s key features

Created by major merchant services provider Worldpay, Worldpay Hub is a comprehensive tablet-based POS system. The Worldpay Hub bundle comes complete with:

  • Worldpay’s POS software
  • A Lenovo Android tablet from which to run the software
  • A card reader with which to take contactless, chip and pin, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Magstripe card payments
  • An electronic cash drawer with a built-in receipt printer

A barcode scanner is also available for an additional charge of £99.50.

Worldpay’s POS software features useful functionalities that make it suitable for salons, eateries, cafes and a range of retail businesses.

It integrates with Worldpay’s My Business Dashboard, an online insight tool that’ll help you to view your sales and invoices, track sales performance and identify trends in your products’ popularity.

You can pay for your Worldpay Hub bundle with either:

  • £50 per month, plus an upfront fee of £250
  • £65 per month with no upfront fee

Learn more about Worldpay with our full review of the merchant services provider.

Why Worldpay Hub is best for simplicity

With easy-to-understand, transparent pricing, Worldpay Hub comprises everything you might need to get POS up and running at your business – with the essential software and hardware rolled into one handy bundle.

Not to mention Worldpay Hub’s online help centre, which offers step-by-step guides, complete with diagrams, on everything from setting up card machines to understanding the software dashboard.

Worldpay Hub’s pros and cons

✓ Comes with essential hardware ✘ Upfront payment required for the cheaper package
✓ Free engineering setup is included
✓ There’s a dedicated online help centre
✓ A free demo is available

Payzone: Best for support

Payzone’s key features

Working in partnership with Epos Now, leading payment services provider Payzone offers two EPOS systems, which include the following:

System What’s included Price
The terminal-based system Payzone’s EPOS software
A fixed touch screen terminal
A thermal receipt printer
An all-metal cash register
The rental of a card machine
From £59.99 per month
The tablet-based system Payzone’s EPOS software
A portable tablet from which to run the software
An internal receipt printer
The rental of a card machine
From £59.99 per month

NB: Payzone creates custom packages, so your price will depend on your business’ needs.

Alongside processing payments, Payzone’s EPOS software can also help you to more efficiently manage your business.

It creates real-time product, sales and employee performance reports, tracks your stock and automatically raises orders, and collects marketing information from your customers.

Not to mention that the software’s cloud-based back office management system enables you to log in and access your business’ reports 24/7, from any internet-connected device.

Why Payzone is best for support

Payzone offers unlimited customer support to the businesses who use its EPOS systems – so you know there’ll always be someone to talk to if something goes wrong – and the company provides remote training to new users to make sure they get off on the right foot.

Plus, if one of your pieces of hardware breaks, Payzone’s able to replace it the very next day – meaning minimal inconvenience for your business.

Payzone’s pros and cons

✓ Comes with essential hardware ✘ More expensive than other options
✓ No deposit or upfront payments
✓ Remote training is available
✓ Unlimited customer support
✓ Next day replacements are available

What’s next?

In this article, we’ve covered four of the best EPOS systems for small businesses – and you should now have a greater understanding of what they can offer you, and how much they’ll cost.

However, the best way to work out which EPOS system is right for you is to speak directly to EPOS providers, including the likes of iZettle, Epos Now, Worldpay and Payzone. We can help you there.

Simply fill in the form at the top of this page, and you’ll receive bespoke quotes from top providers who can kit you out with what you need. This process is free and fast – so give it a try today!

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