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EDF is one of the largest suppliers of energy to UK businesses, producing approximately one-fifth of the UK’s electricity from a variety of sources, including combined heat, power plants, wind farms, and more traditional methods.

One of the big six suppliers, EDF is a wholly owned subsidiary of the EDF group, one of Europe’s largest energy groups, supplying gas and electricity to commercial, residential, and industrial customers. The supplier also generates electricity through a portfolio of generation assets including nuclear, coal, gas and renewable energy.

EDF operates eight nuclear power plants across the UK, helping to make it the largest low-carbon producer of energy in the UK. The company also has plans to build up to four more nuclear power plants in the future, which could help to generate 40% of the UK’s low-carbon electricity.

Within this article, we’ll take a look at EDF’s business gas and business electricity services, as well as their various different business plans for SMEs and larger organisations. We’ll then move on to looking at the supplier’s prices and tariffs.

Who are EDF Energy

Headquartered in London but with a presence around the world, EDF Energy has more than five million home and business customers in the UK.

It operates nuclear, gas and coal station across the UK, as well as a number of wind farms, and claims to produce more low-carbon energy than any other generator in the UK.

The company was one of our top 25 Europe’s Corporate Startup Stars in 2016, an index of the multi-national corporates that are most supportive of start-ups in Europe. It was included thanks to the mentoring, resources, exposure, marketing support it offers young businesses.

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Part of this is the EDF Energy Pulse Awards, which showcases and supports start-ups developing innovative products and services.

EDF Energy Business electricity and gas

EDF Energy claims to be one of the biggest suppliers of energy to UK businesses, offering various gas and electricity contracts for different business needs.

An EDF account offers small business customers access to its online management tool MyAccount and App, and to its Live Chat function for existing customers. All you need is your EDF login to view and pay bills, submit meter readings, change or renew your business energy contract, or add a new fuel type online.

EDF Energy offers a 7% discount to any customers paying monthly by direct debit, but also gives businesses the option of paying by everything from online banking, and debit or credit card, to the Post Office.

EDF business gas

EDF business offers gas only and dual fuel tariffs for business customers looking for gas supply. Benefits of switching your business gas supply to EDF include:

  • Gas Smart Meter – As an EDF business gas customer, you might be eligible for a free Smart Meter. This will put the control back in your hands, allowing you to see exactly what you’re using and spending, ensuring that you only ever pay for what you use, and offering the convenience of automatic gas meter readings.
  • Direct debit discount – If you pay for your business gas monthly via direct debit, you’ll be entitled to a 7% discount off your bill.
  • Easy switching – EDF will also take care of the whole switching process for you, making it quick, simple, and hassle-free.

EDF business electricity

EDF offers a range of business electricity tariffs that can be fixed for 1 to 4 years. In addition to dual fuel contracts, they also offer electricity only contracts.

Benefits of choosing EDF to supply your business electricity include:

  • Energy Saving Support – EDF is committed to sustainability. All of their business electricity customers receive help and support when it comes to saving energy.
  • Discount off every bill – As with gas tariffs, if you choose to pay your business electricity bill monthly by Direct Debit, you’ll save an extra 7% off your bill.
  • Hassle-free Switching – EDF will take care of the whole switching process for you, making it quick, simple, and hassle-free.

EDF Energy tariffs

EDF has a range of tariffs available for small businesses.

  • Fixed for business – EDF’s fixed-rate contracts give you a choice of lengths and automatically renews onto an Easy Fix tariff. Fees apply for an early exit
  • New Start – this flexible, six to nine-month short-term electricity only contract is designed to accommodate the needs of new businesses or businesses that are moving into a new premise. No exit fees apply
  • Freedom for business – this is a “completely flexible” tariff allowing you to move onto a different tariff at any time, with variable price (provided you give notice with 30 days of any changes). There is no fixed end date and no notice to leave
  • Easy fix – a 12-month fixed price contract that’s only available at renewal. It has no termination fees and the freedom to change tariff at any time

You can get a quote for EDF’s gas and electricity online by submitting your postcode and energy usage (kWh/£), and even sign up online.

EDF business energy plans

EDF Business Energy has a wide range of business energy contract, tariffs, and plans to choose from.

  • Business Plans – Designed for businesses that spend under £30,000 a year on electricity or gas, these tariffs are best suited to business with less than 50 small sites that receive invoices quarterly.

These range of tariff style contracts offer fixed and variable prices for electricity and gas.

There is a range of business gas and electricity tariffs available, including:

Fixed for Business

  • Competitive fixed contracts rates for price security and peace of mind
  • Choice of contract lengths
  • Early exit fees apply
  • Automatically renews onto Easy Fix tariff

New Start

  • Flexible, short-term contract
  • Electricity only
  • Ideal for those starting a new business or moving into a new premises
  • 6-9 month fixed tariff
  • Automatically renews onto Easy Fix tariff
  • No exit fees

Freedom for Business

  • Variable tariff
  • Complete flexibility if your don’t want to commit to a fixed term contract
  • Freedom to move onto a different tariff at any time
  • Variable price with 30 days’ notice of any changes
  • No fixed end date
  • No notice required to leave tariff

American Express Fixed

EDF Business has also teamed up with American Express to offer customers a unique tariff. This tariff gives you one American Express Membership Rewards point for every £1 you spend on your energy when using your American Express Business Card.

EDF business plan management and support

Whichever plan you choose, you’ll have access to dedicated 24/7 Live Chat support.

You’ll also be able to manage your account quickly and simply online, allowing you to:

  • Submit meter readings
  • View and download bills
  • Pay bills online
  • Sign up to paperless billing
  • Change or renew your tariffs
  • Add another fuel
  • Manage your account on the go

Meter readings can be supplied online or over the phone. With the latest version of the EDF Energy App, you’ll also be able to submit your meter readings through a photo – a first for UK energy providers. Simply take a photo of your meter and submit it for reading.
Large Business and Public Sector Plans

These energy plans are designed for businesses that spend of £30,000 on electricity each year. Plans include:

  • Fixed prices for fixed periods
  • Flexible contracts to suit your budget cycles
  • Bespoke contracts to help you meet your sustainability targets

As part of these plans, a relationship manager will work out a personalised quote for your business, based on your specific energy and budget needs.

Flexible contracts

These contracts are ideal for businesses that need to be in control of when and how much energy they buy. These flexible contracts involve 5 key steps to the ultimate flexibility:

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to choose how far into the future you need to buy your energy, this can be 1-3 years, 3-5 years, or 5+ years.
  2. Next, you’ll need to select how changeable your energy usage is. So do you want to be able to add or remove sites? Or include a 10% or 20% volume tolerance?
  3. Now you’ll be bale to choose how you purchase your energy. This can be done in blocks or in full.
  4. Choose how much of your non-energy costs you want to fix. You can fix all third party costs or manage costs with variable options.
  5. Finally choose how much extra support you would like to receive. Options include bespoke reporting, service level agreements and risk management, and online monitoring and targeting support through EDF’s Energy View.

Fixed price contracts

EDF also offers a number of fixed price electivity plans for larger businesses. These include:

  • Fixed + Peace of Mind – Your unit price will stay fixed in all but exceptional circumstances, regardless of how much electricity you use.
  • Fixed+Standard – A fixed price that’s easy to compare with other suppliers’ standard quotes, including all established costs and no limit on changes in your electricity usage.
  • Fixed+Protect – Fix your unit price with a generous tolerance on how much your electricity can vary from EDF’s forecasts for the duration of your contract.
  • Fixed+Reflective – Fix your electricity price with an unlimited tolerance on how much your electricity use can vary from forecasts, for the duration of your contract.


You can also upgrade to a Blue+Business plan. This will allow you to use A-rated electricity, which comes from generation technologies that emit less than 20 gram of CO2 per kWh of electricity they produce. This helps businesses to take control of their on emissions and reduce their carbon footprint significantly, making them significantly more energy efficient.

Support and Management

Whichever plan you opt for, you’ll be able to manage your account quickly and simply, with consolidated bills, eBilling, and the option to view usage history and submit meter readings online.

EDF business is also committed to helping large and public sector businesses to save energy. With this in mind, you’ll get access to reports that show how you consume energy, advice from technical experts, and advanced efficiency programmes that build savings into your contract.

Switching to EDF Energy

Switching to EDF online is a fairly simple process to do online. You just need to enter your business enter some basic information including:

  • Business address
  • Your energy usage in kWh or £
  • What type of business you are
  • Your company registration number (if limited)
  • Details about the owner

You need to choose a start date for your energy contract up to 150 days in advance if you’re currently in a contract, or three weeks if you’re not in one.

EDF smart meters

The next few years will see smart meters rolled out to every business in the UK. These send your electricity supplier information about your energy usage automatically so you don’t have to.

This way your business will only pay for the energy it uses and you will have a better understanding of how it uses gas and electricity to inform efficiencies.

EDF Energy’s HeatSmart smart thermostat allows you to control your business heating from anywhere using the app on a smartphone, tablet or PC. It is available on any tariff and installation is included in the price.

EDF Energy Renewables

Owned by parent companies EDF Energy and EDF Energies Nouvelles, EDF Energy Renewables is the group’s renewables development company.

It invests in the development of renewable energy projects in the UK that produce low-carbon energy, with a primary focus on onshore and offshore wind farms.

EDF collects the Climate Change Levy (CCL) – a tax on energy usage that encourages businesses to act in a more environmentally friendly way and reduce emissions. This can affect the amount you pay for your business energy bills.

You may be exempt or have reduced rates on some taxes if:

  • You use a lot of energy because of the type of business you are
  • Your business is so small that it doesn’t use a lot of energy
  • You use energy-efficient technology in your business

EDF Energy saving for business

For businesses looking to trim their outgoings, making simple changes to become more energy efficient is a great way to cut costs.

Feed-in Tariffs – If your business produces electricity using either solar, wind, anaerobic digestion, hydro, micro CHP then you could be eligible to enter into a contract with EDF to be paid a fixed p/kWh rate for every unit you produce

Compare EDF Energy business energy quotes

As one of the major suppliers of gas and electricity to UK businesses, EDF Energy have a range of tariffs and solutions available to suit the needs of different companies.

If you want to discover how much you could save on your business gas and electricity bill with EDF Energy, simply complete the form at the top of this page.