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Hospitality EPOS systems help to facilitate businesses working in a range of hospitality niches. Typically, these EPOS systems fall into two categories: bars and restaurants. Hospitality EPOS systems can also be used for events, pop-up eateries, festivals, and more.

Choosing the best POS system for a bar, restaurant or other hospitality business can be a daunting task. To make your decision easier, we have compiled list of the best bar POS systems, restaurant POS systems and POS systems that work for both bars and restaurants.

Restaurant POS systems

Restaurant EPOS systems are an integral part of any restaurant. A good restaurant POS system will act as an effective restaurant management solution.

Why do I need a restaurant POS system?

An effective restaurant POS system can help a business dramatically improve its service and speed. The best restaurant POS systems are so much more than order and till systems. They will store and display menus, communicate between front of house and the kitchen, meaning fewer errors.

Restaurant POS systems bring payment options directly to your diners’ tables. In the background they will analyse and monitor, so you can refine your menu and offerings. They will take the leg work out of stock management.

Some POS restaurant systems even integrate with payroll using data regarding employee shift-on and shift-off times.

Best Restaurant POS systems

To help you select the best restaurant POS system for your business, we have reviewed some of the most popular restaurant EPOS systems in the UK.

POS Terminal Features Price
Nobly POS Works offline £49/month
EPOS Now Multiple award winning £1,199
Lightspeed Mobile hospitality system £79/month
The Good Till Co iPad based, tailor made system £39/month
Maitre’D Customisable with excellent features Dependent
PointOne Table-side ordering functionality Dependent

The table above includes a side-by-side comparison of the five restaurant POS systems below.

Nobly POS

Winner of the of the Food and Drink Innovation award 2017, Nobly is used by many independent hospitality businesses.

Nobly’s software works off an iPad, hardware that restaurant staff are likely already accustomed to. In tracking and processing transactions, Nobly provides restaurant owners with intelligent insights into their business, helping them to make informed decisions. It also works offline, which can be great for a restaurant that wants to take its business on the road but still process transactions.

A Nobly POS system costs £49 a month or £460 for a year.

EPOS Now hospitality POS

EPOS Now Hospitality POS
Being a Chefs’ Choice Award winner 2014 and Act Hospitality Awards Winner 2015, EPOS Now are a popular choice for restaurant POS systems.

The EPOS Now Restaurant EPOS System is an all-in-one restaurant POS system combining hardware and POS restaurant software. Included in their package is the terminal (which is water resistant), hospitality EPOS software, receipt printer, and cash drawer. Installation, set-up and training are included in the price, and the system is wonderfully scalable and can grow with your business.

The EPOS Now restaurant POS retails for around £1,199.

Lightspeed hospitality POS

Lightspeed Hospitality POS
Lightspeed offer a range of monthly subscriptions for their restaurant POS which is an all-in-one complete system. It is a mobile hospitality EPOS system which utilises cloud-technology. Orders can be taken tableside are are sent directly from the waiting staff to the kitchen – meaning staff no longer have to wait for an open terminal to complete the order which cuts down the time between customers ordering and receiving their food.

The Lightspeed restaurant EPOS also comes equipped with a high-tech restaurant management software which can be customised to your needs. You can also customise your system with their hardware components, ranging from printers to POS stands.

Monthly subscriptions start from £79 per month for a one terminal basic system.

The Good Till Co hospitality POS

The Good Till Co Hospitality POS
The Good Till Co offer a tailor-made iPad hospitality EPOS software. As your package is completely tailor-made, this is a highly customisable option. Table management is excellent.

The inventory management aspect of the software is great for restaurant management and efficiency. Whilst predominantly operating on the cloud, it can also work offline without an internet connection. In its favour for UK customers, it is the only UK based hospitality POS software that provides online and phone support specifically in the UK.

Starter packages begin from £39 per terminal per month.

Maitre’D hospitality POS

Maitre'd Hospitality POS
Maitre’D offer an advanced hospitality EPOS software which is customised within a package, or as standalone software, for your needs. It is jam-packed full of excellent features all within a highly customisable set-up.

You can switch on, or off, the features that suit your restaurant best, such as managing the floor plan, managing employees, accounts, inventory, loyalty programmes and more. You can use the software to create a plethora of reports to suit your particular business needs. The Maitre’D software works on a wide range of hardware, all of which can be supplied by themselves.

Pricing for this restaurant POS solution is dependent on your requirements.

PointOne hospitality POS

PointOne Hospitality POS
PointOne offer an excellent EPOS solution for restaurants, particularly marked out by its tableside ordering functionality. The cutting edge android EPOS solution features touch screen technology allowing for fast transaction processing, intuitive navigation, fantastic functionality and reliability. It is integrated with contactless Verifone chip and pin technology.

PointOne comes on a modular basis including a range of ‘add-ons’ including stock control, reporting, online ordering, caller ID, driver and dispatch management, CCTV integration and more. This is a scalable system that can be designed and built to suit your particular needs.

The PointOne android EPOS solution has been specifically designed with casual dining in mind.

bar pos systems

Bar POS systems

Bar EPOS systems make life running a bar considerably easier and seamless. Bar EPOS are becoming increasingly popular and essential to bar and pub businesses.

Why do I need a bar POS system?

Bars operate on a unique basis in the hospitality industry. There can be a vast quantity of piecemeal orders, queuing can get out of hand, and stock control is absolutely vital to success.

Additionally, managing front of house can be an all-consuming task, so having a bar POS system makes sense, especially when processing many orders during peak times.

Best Bar POS systems

In order to select which is the best bar POS system for your business, we’ve identified the most suitable bar EPOS systems UK.

POS Terminal Features Price
EPOS Now Bar and Nightclub terminal options £1,199
Revel Systems Micro-management over stock usage Dependent
The Good Till Co Tailor made, iPad based bar POS £39 per terminal/month
AccuPOS 24/7 customer support over the phone £1,795
AirPOS Remote access through the cloud £450

The table above compares a side-by-side comparison of the POS systems included below.


EPOS Now Hospitality POS
Available for £1,199, EPOS Now are renowned for their excellent EPOS systems in the UK. The EPOS Now Nightclub and Bar EPOS System is a complete all-in-one package for bars including both the hardware you need, and the POS bar software.

The hardware includes a water-resistant terminal – extremely useful for bar work – as well as a receipt printer and cash drawer. Included in your package is system installation and support, as well as training.

Revel Systems

Revel Hospitality POS System
A fantastic and intuitive bar POS system that has a range of features to help with your bar business management.

The Revel Bar POS gives you micro-control over the exact amount of alcohol poured, so stock control and inventory management is extremely accurate. The system even facilitates mobile ordering enabling customers to skip the queue and order from their own mobile devices. With a range of automated reports available, managers will be able to save time that traditionally would have been used for administrative tasks such as stock management.

The Good Till Co

The Good Till Co Hospitality POS
The Good Till Co offer the UK their tailor-made iPad hospitality EPOS system that can be matched with their bar POS software for a completely bespoke package. Customisation is central to how your system is built. Inventory management with The Good Till Co is exemplary and aids both management and efficiency. It works both online and off, important for times of disrupted connectivity. Customer support is based in the UK and available online and by phone.

Starter packages begin at £39 per terminal per month for POS software for bars.

AccuPOS hospitality

AccuPOS Hospitality
AccuPOS offer bar POS systems on a bundle, or modular, basis. So you can choose what suits you best.

A basic ‘starter’ bundle will cost around £1,795 and includes the bar POS software along with a touchscreen PC, cash drawer, receipt printer, and card reader. Alternatively, you can buy all the hardware you need separately. Further software that may be suitable for your bar EPOS are offered as add-ons which include accounting, time clock, online store management and more.

The software alone is compatible with a range of bar EPOS hardware. Customer support is available via phone 24/7.

AirPOS hospitality

AirPOS Hospitality
With integrated payments and remote accessibility from the cloud, the AirPOS is a great bar POS system.

The AirPOS comes in the form of an app available for download on any iPad, Android or Windows device. It has a simple set-up meaning you do not need training – allowing you to be up and running with your new bar till system quickly. Connectivity is not a problem as it will operate offline. In order to use the bar POS software you will need hardware. You can buy hardware directly from AirPOS or choose your own.

A simple starter package, which will operate from an iPad (not included), is £450. For this you get a cash drawer, receipt printer, tablet stand, card reader stand and a card reader which you can select from PayPal, iZettle or Payleven. You can also opt for a monthly subscription for £22 per month per device.

POS systems that work for both bars and restaurants

Several hospitality EPOS systems are suitable for both bars and restaurants, and are suited to more hybrid hospitality businesses. Take care to look at the features and select a POS system that best reflects your particular hospitality needs.

POS Terminals Features Price
First Data Hospitality POS Designed for easy management and service Dependent
EPOS Direct ED-630 Personal configuration possible £1,798
EPOS Now Hardware and software available £1,199
Zonal Hospitality POS 37 years of experience in POS design Dependent
TISSL Hospitality POS Unique and customised POS options Dependent

The table above compares the products below for an easier understanding of differences. These products are all designed with both restaurants and bars in mind.

First Data All-in-one Hospitality EPOS System

First Data Retail POS System
First Data offer a diverse all-in-one hospitality EPOS system that will suit both bars and restaurants. Their ‘Clover Station’ is designed to make hospitality management and customer facing tasks easier.

It has a range of functionality which you can use to suit your business which is operated through a touchscreen interface. All major payment types are accepted.

EPOS Direct ED-630

EPOS Direct ED 630
The EPOS Direct EPOS System ED-630 is best suited to both bars and restaurants. This is offered on a complete package basis which includes the touch screen, world-popular Emperium EPOS till software, receipt printer, and cash drawer. Personal configuration is possible, and is ready to plug-and-play.

This package is available for £1,798.80 including VAT. EPOS Direct offer dedicated 24/7 customer support. They have a global reach with a localised UK network of branches and engineers.


First Data Hospitality POS
EPOS Now have a very strong presence in the UK and offer complete EPOS system solutions.

Their hospitality package is available for £1,199 and comes with everything you need to get up and running with an EPOS system quickly. You get both the hardware (terminal, receipt printer, and cash drawer) along with the hospitality EPOS software. You package includes installation and support. Training is available if you need it. You can scale up the system as needed, and also buy component parts separately.

Zonal hospitality POS

Zonal Hospitality POS
Used by hospitality businesses such as Pizza Express, Zonal is an excellent choice for your EPOS hospitality software. If you think it, you can do it, with Zonal. From inventory management to people management, EPOS software to EPOS hardware, they have everything you need. With over 37 years of experience, they are a big name in the hospitality software business.

Their Aztec software system works on a modular basis allowing you to build the right system for your business, aimed at driving profitability and efficiency. Suitable for both bars and restaurants, it is a popular choice in the UK.

TISSL hospitality POS

TISSL Hospitality POS
With hardware, mobile, and software solutions, backed up with excellent customer support, TISSL is a great option for hospitality businesses looking for EPOS options. They build unique and customised systems for each specific business, tailor-making a package to suit your bar or restaurant needs. They offer training, support and maintenance so that you can get on with the important job of running your business.

Benefits of restaurant and bar POS systems

The benefits of restaurant POS systems include:

  • Increased sales and sales tracking: Restaurants, cafes, delis, bars and any other establishment serving drinks and/or food will be able to handle a large volume of transactions per day. In addition, tracking sales allows managers to identify what sells well and what does not. This data is invaluable.
  • Inventory and stock management: POS software will track stock allowing for better and more accurate planning.
  • Safe, secure and fast payments: EPOS systems often come equipped with card machines, meaning payments are safe and secure.
  • Accounting and finance: POS software takes the hassle out of recording and reporting figures for profit and loss, tax, and more.
  • Efficiencies in labour: Notably, the best POS systems will eliminate slow and convoluted processes, and remove time-consuming manual tasks – such as reconciling cash registers.
  • Staff insight: Advanced point of sale software can act as a time clock for staff, streamlining payroll, and improving accountability.
  • Remote access: Some POS systems can act as bar and restaurant management software, allowing managers to view sales figures, stock data and much more, remotely.

Compare hospitality EPOS systems

Whether you own or manage a bar or restaurant, or a combination of both, installing and using a quality POS system is an excellent way to significantly improve your business’s efficiency. It can speed up payment times, help waiters or bar staff to take large orders, and help kitchen staff to manage output effectively. In every part of your business, an EPOS system is sure to help.

Of course, to find the best hospitality EPOS system you need to compare options. This page has been designed to provide as much information as possible – for more clear idea of what you might need though, you should complete the form at the top of the page.

Filling in the form is free, quick and easy, and it could help your business to save time and money.

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