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Trying to raise finance? Look no further than our A-Z investor directory covering venture capital funds, private equity, angel networks and more...

Raising business finance can be a daunting process which is why Growing Business has compiled an A-Z directory of the UK’s most active investment funds to help you on your funding path.

From venture capital (VC) firms to seed-stage investors, angel investor networks, and even social-enterprise funds, this guide offers a who’s-who of the finance landscape with information on what each fund looks for, how each fund operates and the amount of funding they could offer your business. Information on portfolio companies that each fund has backed have also been included, along with featured deals, to help you assess whether your business matches the investment criteria.

While we’ve made it our aim to include details on the prominent business investment funds, this list isn’t conclusive and will be regularly updated to reflect the UK’s investor community.

Type the investor category or investor name you're looking for in the search box below or click on any of the table headings to sort A-Z or by fund size. Each fund name is clickable to a dedicated page where you'll find more information, investment criteria, an example of a portfolio company and links to recent deals from the fund.

Fund name Investor category Fund size (approx)
01 Ventures Venture capital £1m
Albion Ventures Venture capital £00245m
Andreessen Horowitz Venture capital and private equity £02600m ($4bn)
Angel CoFund Angel investment £00100m
Atomico Venture capital £00437m ($640m)
Balderton Capital Venture capital £01570m ($2.3bn)
Beringea Venture capital £215m
BOOST&Co Venture capital and venture debt Over £200m
Bridges Ventures Private equity £00464m ($680m)
Business Growth Fund Private equity £02500m (£2.5bn)
DN Capital Venture capital £00214m ($314m)
EC1 Capital Venture capital £00010.6m ($15.6m)
Entrepreneur First Angel investment £00008.5m
Episode 1 Partners Venture capital £00038.8m ($60m)
Firestartr Seed funding – (Unknown)
Forward Partners Venture capital £00009.9m
Frog Capital Venture capital and private equity €90m
Greylock Partners Venture capital £01300m ($2bn)
Hamilton Bradshaw Venture capital £00300m
Index Ventures Venture capital £00700m ($1.1bn total)
IW Capital Private equity and debt Unknown
JamJar Investments Venture capital – (Unknown)
London Business Angels Angel investment – (Unknown)
London Co-Investment Fund Seed funding £00085m
Mercia Technologies Venture capital £00080m
MMC Ventures Venture capital £00125m
Notion Capital Venture capital £00128m ($200m)
Octopus Investments Venture capital £00257m ($400m)
Partech Ventures Venture capital £889m (€1bn)
Passion Capital Venture capital £00038.8m ($60m)
Playfair Capital Venture capital £00015.5m
PROfounders Capital Venture capital – (Unknown)
Scottish Equity Partners Venture capital £00650m ($942.5m)
Summit Partners Venture capital and private equity £10300m ($16bn)
The Start-Up Series Private equity £1.8m
Wellington Partners Venture capital £00567m (€800m)
YFM Equity Partners Private equity £00200m


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