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iPad POS is an excellent option for a range of small businesses. Find out more today

iPad POS (Point Of Sale) systems are quickly becoming the modern POS system of choice for many small businesses. With a wide range of benefits, a low upfront cost and and varied functionality, an iPad POS could really make the difference to your small business.

Unlike traditional EPOS options, which work using a dedicated terminal with attached equipment, an iPad POS system is maneuverable and mobile. An iPad EPOS system offers flexibility that can significantly improve user experience, both for staff and customers.

A single iPad POS system will be much cheaper than a traditional POS system, which can often cost thousands of pounds – and will become more expensive as a business increases in size.

Used in a wide range of businesses, from retail outlets and small shops to restaurants, coffee shops and beyond, an iPad POS system is an excellent upgrade to any existing POS system – read on to find out why.

iPad POS software comparison

Improvements in iPad POS technology in the past few years have led to a huge increase in the number of suppliers operating within the sector – this means that businesses can choose between a range of software.

Though making a choice can be difficult, it is ultimately a huge benefit to businesses to be able to choose a business that suits their requirements directly. Many iPad POS providers will specialise in retail or hospitality specifically, ensuring that they can offer software and equipment, but also valuable experience too.

The table below includes a quick side-by-side comparison of three iPad POS software providers – for more information on each, simply scroll down the page to the relevant section.

Provider Best for Price
EPOS Now iPad POS Retail and hospitality £25/month
intelligentpos iPad POS Small businesses and startups £39/month
Shopkeep iPad POS Small businesses and startups £39/month

Find out more about these suppliers in the sections below.


Epos Now is always an excellent option for point of sale systems, but is particularly well regarded when it comes to iPad POS.

Having initially been founded on the basis that there were not many POS options available in the hospitality industry, Epos Now has always aimed to offer the most functional software and technology to improve the operations of the businesses they work with. To this end, Epos Now’s iPad POS software is among the most well regarded in the industry.

Like other suppliers on this page, Epos Now can offer both the software you will need, as well as a range of hardware and tools to help improve various processes.

Epos Now, like other point of sale systems can be used in line with a merchant account to ensure that payments can be processed and accepted, ensuring that every part of your business’s sales process is streamlined and efficient.

EPOS Now’s ‘Back Office’ is a modern form of POS software – offering a variety of features and functions, split into two sections: Setup and Management.

  • In Setup, you can make changes to various features in order to match any business requirements you may have, including tax rate, discount and location
  • In Management, you can make the day-to-day changes that are important for any business – such as prices, staff and product categories
  • In addition to these aspects of EPOS Now’s Back Office, are the reporting functions – allowing you to measure the how well your business is performing, as well as apps that allow integration of other software – for example label generation – into your POS system.

iZettle iPad POS”>

intelligentpos Logo
Intelligentpos from iZettle is an excellent option for modern business users.

Designed to improve business standards and processes, the iZettle system offers a range of services and features that can significantly improve your performance.

With various functions built into the software, and with others available to be added, iZettle can offer almost everything you need, without having to complicate processes by purchasing or installing external tools.

The mainstay of any EPOS system is the ability to process sales – intelligentpos is perfect for this:

  • It works in the same way as a traditional point of sale till, so after these sales are recorded, iZettle can then also help you to complete transactions
  • The inteliigentpos system from iZettle provides analytics and reporting to make sure that you can closely monitor how your business operates at all times.

Shopkeep iPad POS

Shopkeep logo
Shopkeep iPad POS is an excellent option for retailers, offering a huge range of features and functions to improve the efficiency and processes that are integral to the business.

Shopkeep POS includes a number of features which can be used in day-to-day business to ensure the smooth running of your business. The list below includes just a few of these features, along with a little information about each:

  • Register – like a traditional EPOS, this register allows your staff to process shoppers orders or baskets, calculating costs and a range of other factors.
  • Payments – Shopkeep’s iPad POS can work with merchant accounts to ensure that payments are made safely and quickly.
  • Inventory – manage your stock automatically, simply by scanning or tagging it.
  • Analytics – monitor sales, revenue, refunds, stock and a huge range of other metrics with an integrated reporting system.
  • Shopkeep’s iPad POS system is an excellent choice for modern businesses, with various features and functions designed specifically to streamline processes and improve sales.

To find out more about Shopkeep or any of the other suppliers included on this page, simply complete the form at the top of the page.

This process is free, quick and easy, and it could save your business both time and money.

Choosing an iPad POS system

If you are interested in choosing an iPad POS system, you should find the topics below worth considering.


  • What is an iPad POS system?
  • Why does my business need an iPad POS system?
  • iPad EPOS benefits
  • How an iPad POS can benefit different business types
  • Additional EPOS system hardware
  • Final thoughts

What is an iPad POS system?

An iPad POS (point of sale) system is a POS system that uses both the screen and capability of an iPad as your main payment system and point of sale.

Traditional EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) systems operate using dedicated attached hardware, whereas iPad EPOS systems are more manoeuvrable and versatile – offering flexibility and a significantly improved user experience for customer facing small businesses.

Though the technology is still relatively new, there are a number of EPOS systems available to be used with Apple iPad (iOS) tablets. This type of POS is generally well designed, easy-to-use and adaptable enough to offer features and functionality that might otherwise be inaccessible.

Why does my business need an iPad POS system?

Integrating an iPad POS system into your business has a number of benefits, including access to functions and features that would be unavailable with traditional point of sale equipment.

From cost savings and an improved overall customer experience, to simple employee training and a more environmentally friendly system, iPad POS systems are a valuable addition to any business.

It’s worth considering the following questions in choosing to invest in an iPad POS system:

  1. Would your business benefit from a POS system that has all the versatility of an iPad or iPhone? (enabling your staff to take payments away from the till, for example).
  2. Do you not want to be entirely reliant on a constant internet connection?
  3. Are you looking for a much lower cost POS system, with no upfront fees and lower monthly costs?
  4. Will your business benefit from the security and huge storage capabilities of a cloud based system?
  5. Could your small business benefit from an iPad POS’s easy integration of software, rewards, loyalty programs and gift cards?
  6. Is your business growing – and do you intend to grow in the future?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then it is worth investing your time into considering whether to purchase an iPad POS system for your small business.

iPad EPOS benefits:

iPad POS offers a range of benefits, including access to functions and features that would be unavailable with traditional point of sale equipment.
The list below contains just a few of the benefits, along with additional information about each advantage:

  • Cost savings (and environmentally friendly)
  • Powerful, easy to use customer service tool
  • Up to date, modern POS system

Cost savings (and environmentally friendly)

One of the main benefits of using an iPad POS system is the savings your small business can make. Usually requiring no minimum contract term, iPad POS systems have a low upfront cost – often just the hardware (an iPad and any other hardware your business may need, such as a cash drawer) and the POS software itself.

If this cost is still too high for your business, some suppliers offer a rent to buy contract, meaning that you can spread the cost over a longer duration, and own the iPad POS system at the end.

Payments for rental contracts are typically fixed, low cost and flexible, meaning you can get a deal that suits your business.

Modern iPad POS systems usually require little maintenance or repair call outs when compared to older POS tills. When indeed they are required, they are much easier and much cheaper to carry out for suppliers, who will usually deal with these issues themselves.

Whether you purchase or rent, there are more savings to be made once you have an iPad POS system – a reduction in paper use. Waiting staff can use the POS to record orders instead of using a notepad, whilst retailers can send receipts straight to the customer’s email.

Removing this unnecessary printing from every order will, over time, be a huge benefit to your business’s environmental footprint. Using this method of receipt delivery can also help your business to collect customer email addresses to be reused for marketing purposes.

In fact, emailed receipts are often preferred to physical receipts, which customers see as both wasteful and inconvenient – even as far back as 2011, as per the New York Times.

Powerful, easy to use customer service tool

The versatility of an iPad will allow your business to be more flexible with customers, resulting in a better experience for both them and your staff.

Waiting staff are able to take payments at a customer’s table, or indeed anywhere on the premises, making bill payments more convenient for the customer.

In addition, an iPad POS can be used as a catalogue or inventory with additional apps, allowing customers to view products at a glance in store, combining both the shopping and buying experience. This does not necessarily require a staff member, as an iPad can be set up to be accessible by customers, meaning customers can find information about certain items – or even place orders – without the requirement of extra staff on the shop floor.

An iPad POS can help a retail business in a number of ways.

Having a mobile POS enables your staff to take payment on the spot, avoiding any last minute changes of heart when the customer has to join a long queue. It will also allow for a customer to view and order an item when it is available in store – meaning in both cases that your business can make additional sales.

This process has also begun to roll-out into other sectors, with a range of restaurants and fast food franchises beginning to make use of tablet EPOS as a way of adding efficiency to food and drink delivery.

Employee training is typically efficient and simple, with many staff members most likely already familiar with iPads. In fact, this familiarity extends to customers, as using a modern iPad can reflect well on your business’s image as more modern and on-trend.

This ease-of-use is incredibly useful in any fast-paced environment, but also extends out to offer efficient purchasing options for customers.

Making use of iPad EPOS as a simple way of improving staff and customer satisfaction. With most softwares designed with efficiency in mind, it is extremely possible to speed up processes considerably, while offering your clients and customers news ways to place orders.

Up to date, modern POS system

Using an up to date, modern iPad POS system has a whole host of benefits.

Your business can manage customer data, such as credit card information, contact details and purchase history all in one POS, which can also integrate stock control and management – with various apps available to extend your iPad’s versatility.

In addition, this software will also allow for real-time tracking of sales data, customer trends and further insights, streamlining the sales process for both your business and your customers.

Cloud based iPad POS systems are able to be updated regularly, ensuring regular upgrades to your POS system, to allow you to benefit from the latest technology. This is mostly done by the POS supplier, and is usually included in the rental contract.

iPad point of sale for different business types

But how do these benefits affect certain business types directly? We have looked at some of the most common business types and displayed some of the main ways an iPad POS system can add value.

Coffee shops

The capability of an iPad POS system will ensure that ts are simple and easy for staff, will easily manage any loyalty programs often seen in coffee shops and offer detailed sales reports.

The versatility of an iPad POS system will easily manage the varied and customisable orders made by customers in coffee shops, to ensure an efficient sales process for both the customer and baristas. Further benefits include:

  • Quick addition and editing of various products such as an extra shot of coffee, toppings and more.
  • Loyalty scheme management, often very important for coffee shops.
  • Customer and sales data reporting to enable you to optimise and streamline your sales process.

Restaurant POS for iPad

Restaurant POS iPad systems will require several features to work properly. An iPad is essential – although software is available for android tablets too – and software is also required.
Beyond the two basic requirements above though, you do not need anything else. Of course, various other accessories are available, and can improve processes – thinks like printers, cash tills and iPad stands, for example, can offer a little more ease-of-use.
Perhaps the main benefit of an iPad POS system comes in the mobility that it offers. Unlike with traditional options, an iPad POS system can be held by members of staff and taken directly to a table.
This can improve the customer experience, but also speeds up food delivery times, with orders being sent directly from the table to the kitchen.
In some restaurants, iPad POS systems have also begun replace staff, with customers able to order their food and drinks directly from a tablet.
Using an iPad POS in this way can, of course, reduce a business’s outgoing costs significantly.
An iPad POS system in a restaurant will be the central hub for all sales processes between waiting staff, bar staff and kitchen staff, as well as general restaurant management. It can:

  • Be used to track tables and reservations (including all online reservations)
  • Quickly deploy new menus or rotate through existing ones – for example lunch and dinner menus
  • Allow for performance tracking and management of staff and sales performance
  • Track customer loyalty points
  • Be used for stock management and inventory – and direct sales if certain dishes are running low

For more information on the best restaurant and bar POS systems, take a look at our guide, with details on the best brands, benefits and most important features for your business.

Bars and Pubs iPad POS

iPad POS systems in bars offer flexibility that is sometimes unavailable in traditional terminals.
One of the main improvements with this sort of system though is customisation – with changes easily made from day to day – and also space. Traditional EPOS terminals take a lot of space – an iPad POS is small and compact.
Today, it makes more sense in most cases to opt for an iPad POS instead of a full terminal. In bars that employ waiters it makes more sense to have mobile point of sale functionality, and in those where this is not a requirement it is still manageable to operate an iPad POS.
These systems can be used in every part of the bar process – from ordering supplies to take orders, from accepting payments to managing reservations.
An up-to-date and efficient iPad POS system can make a huge difference to customer waiting times and quality of service, with bars and pubs being some of the busiest retail environments. It can:

  • Increase transparency of transaction by showing a customer what they are being charged for
  • Automatically count cash in tills at close
  • Be easily taught to staff
  • Manage special offers such as buy one get one free on certain items
  • Offer a bar tab and split bill feature
  • Manage your payroll to keep track on staff hours and information
  • Customisable receipts – for example orders sent through to the kitchen not including drinks orders
  • In some cases offer an ‘always on’ mode – where it will continue running if your internet connection goes down

For more information on the best restaurant and bar POS systems, take a look at our guide, with details on the best brands, benefits and most important features for your business.

Retail EPOS for iPad

Retail POS on iPad is likely to be used primarily in the same way as traditional EPOS terminals have been.
Like with other sectors though, an iPad POS does offer a great deal of flexibility and mobility that is not available with other options.
Perhaps the most important function that is available with this form of POS though, is the ability for customers to order directly using iPad POS points that are setup around stores.
Generally, these points are used when customers find clothes that they like, but need to a variation on the in-store options. Clothes retailers, for example, may often find these iPad POS points being used to order different sized or coloured versions of clothes present in the shop.
The key benefit of this function is, of course, the increased ability to provide customers with the products they are looking for. However, it can also help a business to understand what they need.
If a large number of customers use the iPad POS to order a specific item, size or colour, then store managers can easily understand what sort of stock they should order in future to match customer preferences.
The versatility of an iPad POS system will suit the needs of any retail business, whether a small shop or a clothes retailer – including all software and hardware requirements.

Retailers can manage the sales process, stock management and customer data in one POS, combining these elements to ensure a streamlined and efficiently run business.

Retail iPad POS benefits include:

  • Automated loyalty scheme tracking and management
  • Offers and deals can be inputted into the software and scheduled to start automatically for different periods of time or dates
  • Real time sales and data tracking
  • Customer data capture for future promotions and insights
  • Omni-channel support for e-commerce payments in addition to in store sales
  • Mobile POS system enables staff to make sales anywhere on the shop floor, such as a supermarket aisle
  • Offline mode
  • Payroll integration
  • Automated challenge-21 for age-restricted items

It is important to remember that these benefits will apply to plenty of other business types, and it is worth considering an iPad POS system even if your business type has not been mentioned.

For more information on the best retail POS systems, take a look at our guide, with details on the best brands, benefits and most important features for your retail business.

iPad POS system hardware add-ons

In order to increase the functionality of your iPad POS system, it will be worth considering various hardware add ons, depending on your business needs. We have listedr the main pieces of hardware that are worth considering below – please note, the cost rating system is relative: iPads will cost upwards of £300, whilst credit card readers, such as iZettle’s, cost around £60.

Hardware Function Cost
iPad It is the iPad that the iPad POS software will be loaded onto – most software supports the full iPad range – the iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro. £££££
iPad stand/mount These will enable you to mount and position your iPad for your staff or customers to use. They come in various forms – including stands that can bend and be moved, as well as static mounts. They also offer your iPad protection. ££
Cash drawer If you accept cash, then you will benefit from the organisation and safety of a cash drawer. Ensure to look for robustness and security. £
Barcode scanner Whilst your iPad will have a camera to scan barcodes, your business may benefit from a dedicated barcode scanner. £££
Card reader Card readers come in various forms with varied functionality – consider what types of payments your business would like to take before choosing one. Take a look at our small business credit card machines page for more information. It is worth noting, however, that some complete iPad POS systems will offer one as part of a package. £
Receipt printer It is worth remembering that you do not need to print receipts, so the upfront cost of a receipt printer and the resulting cost of receipt paper and ink can be avoided – most POS systems will offer email receipts. £££

Compare iPad POS software

Evidently, an iPad POS system is an excellent choice for many small businesses who are looking to improve the efficiency and features that their current system offers. It is important to remember that to ensure your business can get the most out of one, that you ensure that all staff are appropriately trained to ensure they are aware how to get the best out of the POS.

The information on this page should help you to understand what value an iPad POS system may have for your business. If you think you might find better value with a different type of POS system, however, take a look at our small business POS systems guide.

For more information though on iPad POS systems, you should speak to suppliers – Startups can help with this process.

To compare iPad POS quotes from top UK suppliers, simply complete the form at the top of this page. We will use this data to put you in touch with the most relevant suppliers who can then offer you tailored quotes.

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