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Digital marketing is vital to any London-based business’ success, whether you're a carpenter or a coffee shop owner. Read all about the best marketing agencies in London here.

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Many entrepreneurs have a brain for business, but find that digital marketing leaves their heads spinning. If that sounds like you, then you've come to the right place.

We’ve concluded that the top three London-based digital marketing companies are:

  1. Pearl Lemon – best for SEO solutions
  2. Loud Mouth Media – best for a fully managed digital marketing service
  3. ClickDo – best for pay-per-click (PPC) marketing

However, there are hundreds more agencies that may be suited to your needs. So we’ve compiled an extensive list of the best London-based digital marketing companies for small businesses. During these times of economic downturn, you might not be looking to splurge lots on a digital marketing agency so we've made sure the range is wide so you can find something that can suit your needs.

That's why we've done in-depth research and considered potential marketing pain points to  identifying the cream of the crop and provide you with an extensive list of agencies that can help fulfil your digital marketing needs.

And don’t worry if you’re short on time; we can help there too. Take just one minute to use our free digital marketing agency cost comparison tool, and we’ll match you to digital marketing companies that meet your business’s needs in minutes.

The tool is designed by our digital marketing industry experts and is 100% free to use. All you need to do is answer a couple of simple questions before we send you free, no-obligation quotes to choose from. It really is that easy.

Or, if you’d like to learn more about the best digital marketing companies in London for small businesses, read on.

Get the best marketing support for your business today Have you used a digital marketing agency before? Request info - it only takes a minute and is a 100% free service

Pearl Lemon

Best for small businesses wanting to smash their SEO strategy

Pearl Lemon is a digital marketing agency with expertise in SEO strategy. It has clients all around the world with seven offices internationally and claim they can double your sales in 90 days. Back in the day, it started out as an SEO agency before maturing into a digital marketing agency.

Rate: Average of £1,200 – 5,000 per month depending on your campaign. You'll need to book a call with them to get an accurate cost.

  • Full service SEO agency that covers all bases – including international SEO which is great for businesses that want to market overseas
  • Offers a free SEO audit of your business, unlike other agencies such as ClickDo
  • Includes a customer discovery call to help you determine whether it’s right for your business so you can fully understand what is on offer
  • Free SEO training courses
  • Solid customer reviews – Trustpilot review score of 4.6
  • The rates can feel really steep to some small businesses that are not currently looking to splurge on marketing

Case study of one of Pearl Lemon’s clients:

Loud Mouth Media

Best for a fully managed digital marketing service

Loud Mouth Media is a multi-award winning performance marketing agency who is also a Google Premier Partner and ranks as a top 3% agency in the UK. They have a number of digital expertise including digital strategy, search, SEO, and social advertising.

Average hourly rate: Bespoke quotes only

  • Proven track record in PPC campaigns – with a 2,559% increase in PPC revenue in one month compared to other agencies, like Kota, which outreach to specialist agencies for paid advertising campaigns
  • Strong biddable capabilities for Facebook and Instagram – recording a 281% increase year-on-year in total purchases from Facebook Ads which means you will enjoy a much higher ROAS
  • Custom designed digital strategy tailored to your brand – based on data, market insight, and conversion rate optimization (CRO) so you can make executive campaign decisions based on quantifiable measures
  • Great case studies available on the website that demonstrate methodology and campaign results
  • Pricing is not available unlike other transparent agencies such as Digital Uncut
  • Primary industry focuses are ecommerce and information technology – expertise elsewhere could be lacking unlike brands like Pearl Lemon which specialise in SEO across all industries


Best for pay-per-click (PPC) marketing

ClickDo offers consulting on SEO, public relations, web design, hosting, branding, and outreach for comprehensive digital campaigns. They have an extensive portfolio of local businesses in the UK and offer free consultations so you can take them for a spin before deciding to sign up with them.

Average hourly rate: Bespoke quotes

  • A one-hour free expert consultancy to help you assess your current marketing model so you can fully understand what areas you need to work on
  • Responsive web design, web hosting, and web property management solutions to optimise your website to rank higher on search engines
  • Integrated marketing service that covers not only SEO and PPC but also email marketing and PR all in one campaign - whereas other agencies don’t offer PR services so you must outreach for this service
  • Press release writing and distribution services available - a unique service that other agencies do not offer their clients
  • PPC pricing is transparent - unlike other agencies such as Loud Mouth Media which only offers bespoke pricing
  • Provides services to niche industries so experience in other sectors is limited
  • Not all pricing is transparent
We get it, there are plenty of agencies offering similar services, and it can be time-consuming reading through reviews and analysing comparison tables…

So why not save time and effort by using our digital marketing service comparison tool?

Simply answer four to five questions about what you need and you'll receive bespoke pricing and service information to make it easier to select your best-fit provider. It only takes a minute and there are zero obligations.


Best for being connected and advertised across Yell’s online network

As a veteran in digital marketing, Yell uses technologies from leading companies like Google, Microsoft, Meta and Wix to help elevate your digital marketing. They're also a Google Partner and a Microsoft Elite Partner. They currently have 80,000 live digital customers which shows lots of businesses trust them with their marketing strategy.


  • listing = £0-10+ per month
  • Website = £399-3,499+ per month
  • Starter Advert = £10 per month
  • Smart Performance = From £300
  • Offers Smart Performance — a fully managed blended advertising solution that enables advert creation across multiple channels in minutes
  • Increased visibility and potential for organic social growth as a result of being advertised on’s online network
  • Access to an online dashboard with stats updated daily to monitor paid social performance
  • Limited social media offering — no content creation or video production
  • No community engagement or influencer marketing

Not based in London but in need of digital marketing support? Why not check out our list of the top digital marketing agencies in the UK to find the right provider for your business.

Digital Uncut

Best for an incredibly affordable, startup-centric marketing service

Digital Uncut expressively caters to startups, offering digital marketing driven by data. They pride themselves in making marketing decisions that whilst creative and new, are always backed by data. Their main offering is on SEO, PPC and Web Development.

Rate: £1,800 per month and can increase depending on the scope of work

  • Google and Meta business partner - specialists in advertising on these platforms
  • Custom data reports to monitor ROI and measure against metrics - updated and available 24/7
  • Qualified lead analysis enables you to seamlessly connect your marketing strategy with your customer relationship management
  • PPC specialists in a number of industries, including B2B, ecommerce, and travel
  • Very affordable London-based marketing company compared to other agencies
  • Less creative than other marketing agencies - more tech-focused and little video marketing
  • Primarily supports startups, so businesses looking to scale rapidly will be better placed with a larger agency


Best for startups requiring creative, design based marketing campaigns

Kota is a progressive and insightful design agency which prides itself in delivering beautiful and immersive marketing campaigns. Their expertise is in strategic thinking and eye-catching digital design and have worked with big clients like Jamie Oliver, Comptoir Libanais, and The Jazz Cafe.

Rate: minimum size of project should at least be £25,000

  • Incredibly visual, creative marketing campaigns - ideal for outreach on social media
  • Has managed big clients including Penguin Books and Jamie Oliver
  • Specialists in ecommerce, business services, and hospitality marketing
  • Experts in motion graphics
  • Creative and engaging email marketing services, including workflow management
  • Outreach to specialist agencies for paid advertising campaigns - this will be costly for your business
  • Lack of SEO specialists and content marketing - not the most competent agency for SEO-led campaigns

Casual Films

Best for businesses looking to market through thumb-stopping video campaigns

If you want to specifically hire a digital marketing agency that will help you deliver on your video content, Casual Films could be the one for you. They focus on bridging the gap between producing a video and customers actually watching it and clicking through to make a sale.

Average project cost: £12,000-18,000

  • One of the, if not the, best video production companies in London - voted the #1 video production company three years running
  • Has produced over 15,000 productions for businesses to supercharge marketing campaigns
  • Adaptability through its Smart Casual production platform, which allows you to streamline production and manage projects in the best way for you
  • Higher audience engagement through videos marketing
  • Focuses primarily on video production - so if you need other marketing services or an all encompassing marketing service, you would be better suited to working with an agency such as Loud Mouth Media
  • Is expensive compared to other agencies, so be sure to have a fair budget set aside

Burst Digital

Best for effective branding to support your marketing outreach

Burst prides itself in helping clients keep up with new digital trends and make an impact. Created in 2018, they have helped hundreds of high-profile clients navigate the digital landscape and launch successful campaigns. What helps set them aside is that they're a climate-positive company – they offer reduced rates to companies which have a strong focus on sustainability.

Average hourly rate: bespoke quotes

  • One of the most affordable agencies in London, that caters specifically to SMEs
  • Great for brands that want support across a variety of marketing services, including graphic design, SEO, and social media marketing
  • Specialists in branding - if you are looking to rebrand or starting out and need creative, eye-catching branding - Burst is the perfect option
  • Every client receives a brand book - which includes your logo, typography, and colour scheme
  • Limited specialism in paid advertising - campaign objectives and outcomes may take more time to reach - and ROI may be lower than other agencies
  • No PPC offering could negatively impact ROAS - other agencies provide this as specialists


Best for performance marketing focused on generating the best ROI

Rates: fees start from £1,000 and can go upwards depending on business needs

  • One of the most affordable agencies in London, that caters specifically to SMEs
  • Great for brands that want support across a variety of marketing services, including graphic design, SEO, and social media marketing
  • Specialists in branding - if you are looking to rebrand or starting out and need creative, eye-catching branding - Burst is the perfect option
  • Every client receives a brand book - which includes your logo, typography, and colour scheme
  • Limited specialism in paid advertising - campaign objectives and outcomes may take more time to reach - and ROI may be lower than other agencies
  • No PPC offering could negatively impact ROAS - other agencies provide this as specialists
Get the best marketing support for your business today Have you used a digital marketing agency before? Request info - it only takes a minute and is a 100% free service

PPC Geeks

Best for advertising your brand on Google through PPC campaigns

If you're all about running a successful marketing campaign through adds, PPC Geeks are here to help you. They help make your digital advertising work harder to drive revenue and profit directly into your business. They also offer a free Google Ads audit to help diagnose why your campaigns are underperforming.

Rates: bespoke quotes

  • As Google Premier Partners they are experts at PPC Google Ad campaigns - ideal for businesses wanting to market successfully on Google
  • Free audits are available for your current PPC ad campaigns - including Google, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Specialists in TikTok ads - a huge opportunity to market your business to a growing audience
  • Huge industry focus on ecommerce businesses - great for your online store
  • Services offered are only focused on PPC marketing - very limited to brands that need an all in one digital marketing service

Our Own Brand

Best for creating a bold brand identity and showcasing it through social media campaigns

Our Own Brand specialises in creating bold brand identities that resonate with clients. They have previously worked with Sky, CAT, and O'Neill as part of their production of cutting-edge content.

Rates: bespoke quotes

  • Proven ROI results across countless social media campaigns, including most recently a 223% increase in impressions and 53% increase in engagement for a music festival social campaign
  • One of the strongest production teams available across all agencies — ideal for video campaigns
  • Brand consultancy, workshops and a proficient rebrand offering before you begin moving forward with any social media activity
  • Solid content creation offering — from custom graphics and GIFs to AR lenses and infographics
  • Limited offering of community engagement and influencer social media marketing
  • Focused heavily on social media marketing and branding - not PPC specialists

Our Own Brand offers excellent social media marketing services. However, they aren’t the only agency available that specialises in this niche.

Check out our review of the top social media marketing agencies in the UK to find out more.

Spin Brands

Best for managing every aspect of your social media marketing with vast expertise and experience

Conceived by two CEOs of cycling companies, Spin Brands offers Organic, Performance, Ambassadors, Creative and Strategy services to help your campaigns grow. They have previously worked with The Hoxton hotel and magnet Kitchens which means they have experience working with clients from different industries.

Rates: bespoke quotes

  • Incredibly competent creative team to help produce assets and create videos for all organic posts
  • Boosting framework strategy (ad optimisation) that gets results so you aren’t wasting money on poorly performing paid ads
  • Multi-channel capabilities spanning from Linkedin to Pinterest
  • Account manager for regular communication across all campaigns
  • Increases in ROI are consistent and effectively displayed in data and analysis
  • Focuses heavily on mid-market businesses so for smaller businesses can be expensive
  • Specialises in social media marketing only — not the right choice for a business that wants an all round digital marketing service


Best for developing a results-driven, effective marketing strategy

With 20 years of experience in the industry, Hallam has made quite a name for itself in the digital marketing space. They were the European 2020 Search Awards Winner and also a Google EMEA Award Winner. Their expertise is in performance branding which integrates the emotional power of branding with the precision of performance marketing. Therefore, they're very results driven and could be the agency for you if you too share those priorities.

Rates:  bespoke quotes

  • Experts in strategic thinking - the ideal agency for businesses rethinking their marketing strategy or, if just starting out, put together one that is going to yield a high ROI
  • High accolades demonstrate performance - including being voted as Google’s ‘Best Digital Agency in Europe’ 2019, and The Drum’s most recommended agency three years running
  • Data-drive, collaborative strategy development - their team works closely with you to set shared goals and put together the right action plan
  • Services include PR campaigns to help engage with your audience - not offered by most agencies
  • One of the more expensive agencies in London
Want to quickly compare bespoke quotes from the best marketing agencies in the UK?

You're already sold on hiring a London-based digital marketing agency for your company. But now you just need to ensure you get the best possible deal for your business, as the last thing you want is for a campaign to fall flat after forking out lots of money for a service.

This is where we come in. Our free cost comparison tool will match you with the right agency for your company’s needs, providing you with quotes that you can easily compare.

All you have to do is fill out a few details, and we will take care of the rest.

One Umbrella

Best for businesses that want quick paid social results and a friendly, communicative relationship with their agency

One Umbrella is a results-driven digital marketing agency that claims to help businesses grow up to two times faster in just 60 days. Their expertise is in helping small and medium sized businesses, which has led them to generating over $24 million in total revenue for over 50 companies in the last two years. They work with Amazon FBA Coach, Smile Align, and other notable industry clients.

Rate: From £125 per month

  • Free 45-minute consultation provided that assesses six factors of your business to determine your goals
  • Adaptive brand positioning enables your marketing strategy to fit your audience more specifically, enabling you to find more loyal customers in less time
  • Heavy focus on conversion optimisation enables businesses to guarantee a higher return on investment (ROI) than using other agencies that focus less on funnels and client journeys
  • Excellent customer commitment is evident through long term ‘partnership’ mindset
  • Zero focus on branding and creative production means you are limited in what other social media aspects One Umbrella can support with
  • Very sales focused media agency — if you are more concerned with brand awareness and community building than ROI, they aren’t the agency for you


Best for marketing campaigns focused on enhancing the user experience

Propeller specialises in driving restaurant reservations, party bookings and selling products online. They have over 20 years of experience in the industry and are a great option for SMEs that are in the hospitality sector. They have previously worked with Kellogg's, Zizzi, and Pizza Pilgrims.

Rates:  Bespoke quotes

  • Bespoke UX and UI marketing campaigns - perfect for improving the user journey and in turn improving conversions
  • Shopify Plus agency partner - ideal for ecommerce businesses that want to develop the perfect Shopify website that has been carefully designed from a marketing and SEO perspective - including bespoke themes, customisation, and site maintenance
  • Specialist marketing expertise in the travel & lifestyle, food & drink, and fashion industries
  • Bespoke engagement marketing campaigns to reach new audiences and retain existing customers - including seasonal campaigns and loyalty schemes
  • Lack of PPC specialism may result in a lower ROAS
  • Heavy focus on marketing for hospitality and fashion businesses is limiting

Choosing the right digital marketing agency for you

When making an executive decision about which London-based digital marketing agency you want to work with, it's important to consider the following…

What makes a good agency and what is it I’m looking for?

  • Competitive, affordable pricing – this is hard to find online, but our cost comparison tool can help
  • Proven track record of results – be sure to check the agency’s website for real-life case studies that showcase positive results
  • Awards – with over 7,000 digital marketing agencies operating in the UK, a great way to identify the best of the bunch is through any prestigious and reputable awards they’ve won
  • Experience and specialism in a particular industry – think about the industry you operate in and find an agency that is focused on growing businesses in that industry. For example, Loud Mouth Media specialises in supporting the marketing goals of ecommerce businesses. They are our top recommendation if you operate in this sector
  • Services – check what services the agency offers. Does it cater to all of the channels you need? Is it well-versed in a particular solution that your business needs support with, such as SEO or paid social media? If it's SEO support you are after, agencies like Pearl Lemon are the best choice for your business
  • Reliable, transparent data and insights – an agency is only as good as its reporting. Make sure you have constant access to insights and reports so you know how the agency is performing and can monitor the success of any marketing campaigns
  • Collaboration and communication – the most highly regarded and successful agencies have open and honest working relationships with their clients

As well as the above points, also consider asking the following questions during your initial consultation with any agencies:

“Can I see some previous campaign examples?”
(This will indicate what the agency is able to produce).

“Will you provide a dedicated account manager?”
(Knowing you will have someone handling your account will ensure you have constant contact and support from the agency).

“How long do clients typically stay with you?”
(A marketing agency that has long-term loyal clients shows it’s doing something right).

“How are you competitively priced compared to other agencies in London?”

Next steps: compare digital marketing companies in London

To summarise, our top 3 digital marketing companies in London you can work with are Pearl Lemon, Loud Mouth Media, and Click Do.

There are many, many more London agencies to choose from. But this can be more of a curse than a blessing, as many startups find themselves overwhelmed in deciding which agency is going to be right for the business.

Particularly when some of the best agencies keep their cards close to their chest when it comes to fees.

The easiest way to get over these hurdles is to use our free marketing agency cost comparison tool.

By using the tool, you will receive direct pricing quotes from some of London’s top digital marketing agencies, saving yourself time and money.

Simply spend a minute answering four to five easy questions and we will do the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which marketing company is best?
    It really depends on what you're looking for but, based on our independent research, we know that Pearl Lemon is best for SEO solutions, Loud Mouth Media is best for a fully managed digital marketing service, and ClickDo is best for pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.
  • How much does a marketing company charge UK?
    For most agencies you'll need to request a bespoke quote as every project will need a different budget. However, based on the agencies that disclose their prices, you can pay anywhere from £125 per month up until a minimum budget of £25,000.
  • How many marketing agencies are in the UK?
    You're spoilt for choice, thankfully! There's plenty but in our research, we've identified the top 15 you can check out.
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