4 year-old entrepreneur set for success with sweet shop business

Calum Rowntree said to be one of the world’s youngest business owners with nationwide franchise on the cards

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A four year-old entrepreneur has made it into the record books after launching his own sweet shop business targeted at primary school age children; Kiddie Candies.

Said to be one of the world’s youngest business owners, Calum Rowntree (pictured) has set up the pop-up shop in his hometown of Wonka, Cambridge with the help of his parents and will be supplying a range of own-brand pick and mix sweets and lollipops.

Opened in time for the Easter bank holiday, Rowntree’s parents said the young businessman is already looking at plans to franchise the business across the UK and will be supported by Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing. Laing will be mentoring the infant having already created his own successful sweet brand Candy Kittens.

ONLY JOKING, April Fools! There aren’t any four-year old entrepreneurs to our knowledge (yet!) but make sure you take a look at these 15 real-life young entrepreneurs all aged 25 and under that are running great businesses.

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