15 young entrepreneurs to watch in 2015

A celebration of the country’s entrepreneurial superstars of the future, meet Startups’ pick of the hottest business owners aged just 25 and under…

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People start a business for a plethora of reasons, some founders become tired of corporate life and long for the freedom of working for themselves, others lose their job and branching out on their own becomes a necessity.

And then there are those ‘ideas’ people, your classic entrepreneurs with that je ne sais quoi that means they’re not only bursting with creativity and passion but they possess the ambition and drive to make their dreams a reality – no matter what.

That’s what this list is all about.

From a schoolgirl who launched her first app at 14 to a 20 year-old whose repertoire includes everything from a chicken farm aged 12, to a mobile DJ company, freelance graphic design services and now a rapidly growing social network, all of the entrepreneurs in this index share a drive and determination that most people can only dream of.

When reading through the profiles – and indeed if you listen to the stories of many of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs – you’ll find a common trend of tuck shops at school, or web design for family and friends as a way of earning a bit of extra cash. The business leaders of tomorrow have entrepreneurialism flowing through their veins and despite the fact all of the names in this list are under 25, many are on their second, third or even fourth business ventures.

While finding a successful young entrepreneur may once have been a rarity, today at Startups Towers we’re seeing an increasing number of businesses launched just out of school or during university. And although it’s not great for the team’s egos to see such success in our peer group, it’s genuinely exciting to unearth such an array of young talent bursting with potential. It’s also affirmation that we specialise in spotting genuine talent to see many of the names in our 2012 and 2014 lists already achieving unprecedented success.

Choosing the ultimate line-up for this year’s list was harder than ever, but the final cut includes some genuinely jaw-dropping stats and stories that show the calibre we were looking at. From a vlogger with over 10 million YouTube subscribers to a CEO managing a team of 30 at just 24.

While the media too often focuses on negative comments about the state of today’s youth, this feature is a shining example of the promise of some of Britain’s brightest business stars.

Whether the business they’re running now will be the one that makes them millions is yet to be seen (after all, Sir Richard Branson has come a long way from his first venture Student magazine), but one thing’s for sure, these entrepreneurial superstars are names you’ll be reading plenty more about both now and in years to come.

Prepare to be very, very impressed…

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