Bartercard and XS Items team up

XS Items is bringing bartering into the 21st century

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Professional eBay seller XS Items is bringing the ancient concept of bartering into the 21st century by teaming up with a business-to-business trade exchange to offer its first franchise opportunities.

Through the UK Bartercard network XS Items is offering three pilot franchises, each worth £15,000.

Members of the Bartercard network can use their ‘barter pounds’ to buy a franchise and in return, XS Items will be able to spend its barter capital on goods or services from other members.

Bartercard has 150 franchised offices in 17 countries worldwide and more than 4,000 members in the UK.

Its members are able to improve cashflow and increase profitability by selling their goods and services for ‘bartercard pounds’ through the network.

XS Items takes any goods that can be sold on eBay and provides a complete service for individuals and businesses in exchange for a percentage of the final selling price.

The rapidly expanding company has outlets in Chelmsford, Colchester and Ipswich

Ian Montgomery, managing director of XS Items, said: “Although the concept of bartering has been around for centuries, XS Items is a business for the future and is working with Bartercard to exclusively offer our pilot UK franchises to other members in this forward thinking way.”

Matthew Harding, brokerage director for Bartercard, said: “By working with XS Items at this young and exciting stage, we are providing our members with an innovative and exclusive business opportunity, which fits well with the ethos of Bartercard.

“We hope that through our network XS Items will be able to establish the first of its UK franchises and progress the business even further.”

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