Why are customers still ghosting businesses? It’s all about email deliverability

Research indicates that only 8% of all email traffic delivers to the intended box, suggesting businesses are failing to prioritise deliverability.

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According to a recent research, only 8% of all email traffic is delivered to the intended inbox, leaving customers oblivious to the marketing efforts of businesses.

Of those surveyed in the State of Email Deliverability 2023 report by Sinch, 44.4% confessed they were not confident in their knowledge of email deliverability.

The gap between businesses sending out emails and customers being unaware they’ve received correspondence leads to dissatisfied clients, weaker brand loyalty, and missed revenue.

On the other hand, 40% of respondents who do understand and prioritise deliverability observed increased customer satisfaction as the greatest benefit, while another 16% lauded increased revenue.

The results suggest the value of integrating email deliverability into marketing strategies, as transformative to the ROI of campaigns.

Landing in the wrong inbox

21% of the respondents recorded an email deliverability rate below 85% for marketing emails.

Only 16.4% of respondents monitored inbox placement with seed testing, the best measurement for understanding whether emails are landing in spam folders or not.

A further 50.1% weren’t using tools to automatically verify and validate email addresses before adding them to contact lists and 52.1% weren’t using the double opt-in process for contact acquisition.

Not employing these techniques are costing businesses customers and valuable ROI. “Email has an exceptionally high average ROI of about £29 per pounds spent, but it’s impossible to drive revenue if your messages aren’t making it to the inbox,” warns Kate Nowrouzi, VP of Deliverability & Product Strategy at Mailgun by Sinch.

Why prioritising email deliverability is a must

According to Nowrouzi, email deliverability is synonymous with a number of business benefits, including enhanced customer satisfaction, increasing revenue from email campaigns, and reaching more leads and prospects.

Of those that place email deliverability at the heart of their marketing strategy, 40% revealed they experienced improved customer satisfaction. This fosters customer loyalty and increases the chances clients will recommend the company to others.

Businesses that want to get out of the spam inbox should equip themselves with the right tools such as a robust CRM system that gives a 360 view of campaigns and customer behaviour. Whilst email marketing is not the only channel businesses can capitalise on to reach customers, sending and delivering can make a significant difference in terms of ROI.

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Fernanda is a Mexican-born Startups Writer. Specialising in the Marketing & Finding Customers pillar, she’s always on the lookout for how startups can leverage tools, software, and insights to help solidify their brand, retain clients, and find new areas for growth. Having grown up in Mexico City and Abu Dhabi, Fernanda is passionate about how businesses can adapt to new challenges in different economic environments to grow and find creative ways to engage with new and existing customers. With a background in journalism, politics, and international relations, Fernanda has written for a multitude of online magazines about topics ranging from Latin American politics to how businesses can retain staff during a recession. She is currently strengthening her journalistic muscle by studying for a part-time multimedia journalism degree from the National Council of Training for Journalists (NCTJ).

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