Google crowned as the best company to work for in the UK

Survey results from employee reviews indicate Google is the best company to work for in the United Kingdom, followed by Salesforce and Morgan Stanley.

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Google ranks as the best company to work for in the UK, according to a study by Weekly10 that analysed data from employee reviews.

Salesforce snatched the second spot, followed by Morgan Stanley. Other big industry names like Deutsche Bank, UBS, and Deloitte also made it into the leaderboard.

The survey examined online Glassdoor reviews for 1,090 companies with employees in the UK, looking at factors like salary, business outlook, recommendation to friends, approval of CEO and more to aggregate an employee satisfaction score.

Measured out of 100, Google earned an employee satisfaction score of 82.88 overall. It received 95.35 for career opportunities and 89.30 for salary, as the median yearly salary at the Silicon Valley giant is £82,500.

This hints at a high level of employee satisfaction that remains unscathed despite the recent antitrust trial accusing Google of monopolising internet search.

Second in the rank, Salesforce had a satisfaction score of 81.28, with a median yearly salary of £73,566. The company fell behind Google on business outlook with a score of 63.51 in this category.

What does a good workplace look like?

As hybrid working becomes the norm – and as trends like Quiet Quitting and Girl Job make their way into corporate vocabulary – the benchmark indicators of a good workplace are changing.

“Work-life balance is extremely important when considering long-term employment options and the top companies are ranking highly in areas that contribute to this discussion,” shares a Weekly10 spokesperson. “They also notably share high approval for their CEOs, with all the top ten companies scoring above 70 in this category.”

Work-life balance is central to fostering high worker engagement. Statistics show the UK has one of the least engaged workforces in the world, ranking 33 out of 38 countries for employee engagement and enthusiasm, painting a bleak picture of the current mood of the workforce.

The report by workplace consultancy Gallup also unveiled that 9 out of 10 UK workers are disengaged with work.

These studies suggest that HR professionals need to reinvent a workplace that represents workers’ demands for a healthy office environment.

What solutions do businesses have? Whilst not all small businesses will have the coffers of Morgan Stanley or Google, measures like benefits, perk packages, and flexible working are a good start.

Speaking to Startups earlier this year, Anna Sawyer, Partner at Gallup, mentioned, “To tackle disengagement, businesses need to be championing employees and giving them the right tools and resources to be productive and purposeful.”

Delving into technologies that offer shortcuts, namely AI, will help employees focus on work they find more meaningful and save them from the mental fatigue that menial tasks are associated with.

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