New ‘off-the-shelf’ app available for just £250

Tailored retail and download options available

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Small businesses can now create their own ‘off-the-shelf’ app for just £250, thanks to a new service from South Manchester developer Apps4.

The service offers clients a choice of two distinct app models: 4Vouchers, which enables retailers to offer discounts and promotions to smartphone users, and 4Downloads, which is designed for the playing of tracks, soundbites and videos, and is intended for clients in the music business.

Each model is available as a starter package, with upgrades such as GPS and digital ticketing functionality available for an additional cost.

Henry Hochland, co-founder of Apps4, said:  “We truly believe that apps are the way forward for start-ups and smaller firms and, as our new service shows, they don’t have to cost the earth.

“Apps allow companies to learn about their customers’ preferences and shopping habits while enabling them to use that information to refine their business strategies. They also provide companies with the opportunity to build brand loyalty by offering exclusive, app-only promotions and offers.”

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