New ‘pop-up’ shop set to open in Surrey

Opening will be sixth outlet in a year for PopUp Britain campaign

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National entrepreneur campaign PopUp Britain is set to open its newest ‘pop-up shop’ for online retail entrepreneurs in Surrey, following the opening of its flagship King’s Road outlet this month.

The outlet will be opened on June 5 in ‘The Mall’ shopping centre in Camberley and will give local and UK-wide start-ups the chance to test the success of their products in a busy shopping area.

The Camberley store is set to run for six weeks and can hold six businesses at a time, with each business paying a nominal fee to cover the cost of a two-week stint.

It follows last week’s launch of the campaign’s first permanent store, located in a former mail sorting warehouse on the King’s Road in Chelsea.

PopUp Britain is a nationwide campaign run by entrepreneur network StartUp Britain that aims to connect online retail start-ups with the growing number of empty High Street shops across the country to help them to establish a physical presence.

The Camberley store will be the sixth outlet in a year and the second outside London for the nationwide campaign, with more openings planned over the summer.

The campaign also announced that it will partner with the National Skills Academy for Retail to create a ‘boot camp’ for aspiring pop-up shop tenants ahead of the Camberley opening. The camp will give start-ups a crash course in the world of retail to help them maximise the benefits of their experience.

Emma Jones, co-founder of StartUp Britain, said: “Following on from the successful launch of PopUp King’s Road last week, we’re keen to keep up the momentum of openings.

“PopUp Camberley is our second outside London and our first in a shopping centre. We are looking forward to helping yet more retail entrepreneurs onto British high streets.”

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