Original Poster Company welcomes experienced franchisees after re-sale opportunity

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Greetings card distribution franchise Original Poster Company (OPC) has welcomed the latest additions to its franchise network, husband and wife Paul and Chris Whitehouse and their son Tom.

The trio will take-over the card distributor’s Birmingham and Coventry sites following two recent resale opportunities.

The family has operated a similar greetings card franchise for the last 12 years and now plans to utilise this experience in their new roles.

OPC’s new additions form part of its aim to boost growth after two new franchisees recently joined its chain with openings in Exeter and a virgin territory in Ireland.

Established in 1991, OPC claims to be the world’s largest greetings card distribution franchise providing its franchisees with a home-based working system and business development managers to provide sales support and advice. Franchise packages are currently available for £33,000 plus a £3,000 licence fee in 75 sites across the UK and Ireland.

Discussing the family’s new venture, Paul Whitehouse commented: “OPC stood out as a more successful company than many of their competitors.

“Their proven track record and the quality of their products really impressed us. Fortunately the Birmingham and Coventry territory was available for resale and we could really see the development potential in the area.

“We now have more family time and Chris can manage the stock side of the business at home, in addition to looking after our grandson on some days.”

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