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UK milkshake franchise Shakeaway continues growth ascent

Chain plans to grow its 40-strong network in the UK, as well as overseas, to fill “gap left by the declining yogurt store market”

British franchise Shakeaway, which claims to be the global leader in the milkshake bar market, is looking to sign additional franchisees having experienced steady growth in profit and outlets.

Founded in Bournemouth in 1999 and acquired by entrepreneurs Peter Dickson and Stephen Jensen in 2010, the milkshake chain has over 500 stores in 14 different countries including the US – where Dickson says they see “massive potential growth”.

Promising low investment costs with high profits margins to potential franchisees,  the brand hopes to continue to expand its franchise network both at home and overseas in reaction to the “decreasing popularity in yogurt shops”.

Franchise units are available throughout the UK with Shakeaway offering “unrivalled” marketing support along with training and help with sourcing equipment, staff, and business premises.

For more information, check out the company website here.

Aimee Bradshaw
Aimee Bradshaw

Writer and researcher

Aimee recently joined Startups as resident expert in business tech, products, and services. Having ran her own egg delivery business from the age of 12, she is an advocate of self starters and small businesses.


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