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Vonage is a large US-based internet and telephone company providing modern residential and business telecommunication services around the world. Vonage specialise in providing businesses with voice over Internet Protocol – or VoIP phone services.

Vonage offer their services to businesses of all sizes, with a range of plans, products and services available. On this page we have provided information about a range of these options to help your business make the right choice.

To find out more about any of these options, simply visit the relevant sections of the page below:

The best way to get information about Vonage phone options is to speak to suppliers – Startups can help here. Simply complete the quick and easy form above to compare quotes today.

Vonage phones

Vonage phones are an excellent option for any modern business, with all sizes of operation catered to. Vonage phones can be used in a huge range of sectors or environments, and the features and functions available should help every member of staff to achieve their goals and hit their targets efficiently.

Vonage phones are available to match various requirements and budgets, with different features providing value to help in many roles. Understanding what sort of features you need in your Vonage phone is the first step in understanding which plans and products you should opt for.


Find out more about Vonage phone options below.

Vonage phone reviews

Given the nature of Vonage as a top supplier, it probably goes without saying to a certain extent that the products and services on offer are going to be top-quality.

With a range of services available, and with functions designed specifically to improve processes throughout an office, Vonage are sure to be able to meet the needs of any business, small or large. As well as offering products to match a range of needs, Vonage also offer several plans to help businesses to operate effectively.

The table below includes a quick comparison of Vonage’s main business phone plans.

Find out more about the range of options throughout the rest of this page.Vonage wireless phonesVonage’s selection of wireless phones generally offer the same service as their wired options. The difference, of course, is that wireless phones provide a little more mobility. Whether you need this type of device or not will depend on what kind of features you need.Vonage’s wireless phones offer more mobility, but do not provide as many services or functions as tethered hardware. This type of phone would generally be best for a member of staff who spends a lot of time away from their desk.Vonage for businessBecause Vonage offer phone systems for both home and business spaces, it is worth bearing in mind that you will need to specify the service you need. For the sake of clarity, the table below contains information about every option that Vonage offer, including home plans.Vonage can offer your business a range of features to help in various processes and projects; if your business is growing, they can provide scalable systems and new equipment to ensure that you are always matching demand.In this section of content, we have tried to provide information about Vonage’s various services and features. Additionally, we have selected a range of frequently asked questions and provided some basic answers to each below.

  • Can I keep my number? – Yes, Vonage can offer porting services that will allow you to keep the numbers you require.
  • Is the service scalable? – Yes, you can add and remove products and services as your business progresses and grows.
  • How easy is installation? – Vonage can offer next business day installation. Once you have your handset, you simply need to connect with your broadband router.
  • Is assistance available? – Vonage’s customer service teams are available around the clock to help with technical or customer issues.

Vonage phone system featuresWith so many options and features available, it can be useful to have them laid out simply. In the sections below we have put together information about some of Vonage’s most important services and features to help you understand what value might be offered to your business.The list below includes each of the features, click any of them to find out more straight away.

Vonage customer serviceVonage customer service is one of the key selling-points for most businesses, with access to technical assistance often being invaluable.For most businesses, technical glitches are costly – whether it is loss of sales or loss customer engagement, bad experiences in tech can lead to problems. For this reason, having access to 24/7 support is vital – fortunately, Vonage offer this as standard.Vonage customer support team offers two main phone-lines, one used by all users and one available specifically for business accounts. In addition to these options, Vonage also operates a 24/7 messaging and email account to provide their customers with an extra access point.Vonage extension appKeywords – vonage extension app (140), vonage app (110), vonage free app (90)The Vonage extension app allows home and business users to connect to their VoIP phone service from wherever they are. This app is quick and easy to install on any mobile device and offers both home and business users invaluable access.The Vonage extension app acts in a similar way to traditional VoIP desk phone, with functionality to answer calls, screen calls, take voicemail, redirect users or connect with contacts stored in your company database.This is an excellent tool for any member of staff that needs to work remotely. Sales-people, in particular, are likely to benefit from this app.Vonage securityVonage security is among the best in the business, with a range of functions and features available to ensure that your business activities, including contacts and details of deals, etc. are kept safe.This sort of security is aided by a range of features; it is possible to make use of phone passwords as well as a number of other security measures to ensure that only staff can access your equipment and dashboards.Vonage call serviceMany features of Vonage’s call services have been covered already in this page. Of course, there is always more to learn though, with the features above and below likely to be of interest to anyone looking to find out more about the available call services.Some of the key features not mentioned elsewhere on this page include:

  • Connectivity and integration – connect your Vonage phone system to sales tools and CRMs to ensure that every operation is streamlined.
  • Dashboard – manage all calls and systems from one online app. This app helps managers to monitor activity and allows staff to track their own calls, target and goals effectively.
  • International and local calls – it is completely possible for users to make international calls as well as local – or national ones. As well as making calls, Vonage users can also choose to use an international phone number in many cases, a useful tool for companies targeting international clients.

To find out more about the range of Vonage call services, you should complete the form at the top of this page.Vonage online accountA Vonage online account is included with every company or home plan. This account allows you to monitor and manage all aspects of your plan, with access to billing and services too.The Vonage online account is an essential resource for small businesses, large businesses and home users.Vonage voicemailVonage voicemail is one of the many features offered; often taken for granted though, this feature is also one of the most important. For any number of businesses, the ability to record calls and save them automatically is essential – with Vonage voicemail they can feel safe in the knowledge that this will happen.Vonage international planVonage’s international plan has already been mentioned to some extent, though without too much detail.This sort of feature is perfect for any businesses with clients or contacts abroad; for a fixed fee of £3.33 each month, you can include international calling in your plan, allowing your staff to get in contact with exactly who they need to speak to.As well as offering this option to make calls to international contacts, Vonage also allows businesses to choose geographical numbers for their own use. A UK based business that needs a US phone number is able to access this feature using Vonage’s phone service. Of course, this feature will cost more in your plan, but can be a priceless addition.Compare Vonage phone quotesThe information on this page should help you to understand what sort of value a Vonage business phone system can offer. For more information though, you should speak to suppliers – Startups can help here.To speak to top UK phone suppliers today, simply complete the form at the top of this page. This process is free, quick and easy, and it could help your business to save both time and money.[startups_cta type=”telephones” url_1=”https://webforms.startups.co.uk/phone-systems?have-phone=Yes&slide=1″ url_2=”https://webforms.startups.co.uk/phone-systems?have-phone=No&slide=1″]

Vonage Standard PlanVonage Business 1000 PlanVonage Business Unlimited
Unlimited UK calls with all features1000 minutes for UK calls with all features1000 minutes for UK calls without multiple devices or group calling
Vonage Home and Small Business Phone LinesVonage Cloud-Based Office Phone SystemsVonage Flexible Business Phone Solutions
Extend home contract to add second line for home-offices. Best for home businesses – 1 to 2 users.Professional call handling features for small businesses. Best for small offices or businesses – 2 to 30 users.Professional call handling features – scale to match growth. Best for growing small to large businesses – any size.
From £9.58/monthFrom £12/monthFrom £12/month
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