The 9 best coworking spaces in Birmingham

Keen to join the coworking movement in the "entrepreneurial hotspot" of the West Midlands? Here's your definitive list of the best options for environment, quality and value for money

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Brimming with beautifully-renovated factories and well-connected creative centres, there’s a lot going on in Brum. But that’s just one of the reasons we raved about Birmingham in our list of the UK’s top cities in which to start a business.

Birmingham takes the crown for the highest number of start-ups in any city outside of London, and is fondly known as the “entrepreneurial hotspot” of the West Midlands. It's been said that starting your own business can feel lonely, but you’re sure to find plenty of like-minded people here.

At Startups, we’ve long been excited by the growing trend of start-ups turning to coworking spaces for a boost in productivity and networking opportunities. Now, we’re delighted to reveal the top nine coworking spaces to join in Birmingham, including the top sites for quality, price and work atmosphere.

In this article, we've split Birmingham's greatest coworking spaces into the best options for:

So, if you're prioritising any of these factors in your hunt for the right coworking space, click the link to head straight to that section of the article – or simply read on for an overview of all Birmingham's top spaces.


If by the end of the article you’d still like a helping hand, the quick form at the top of this page aims to make comparing your options easier than ever. Simply fill it in to receive tailored quotes from coworking providers in certain locations.


The best coworking spaces in Birmingham for: Working environment


1. Custard Factory – A vibrant hub for creative and digital start-ups

    • Location – Gibb Street, Digbeth


  • Cost – Prices available on request


What’s the vibe like at Custard Factory?


Along with its sister project, Fazeley Studios, Custard Factory is the beating heart of Birmingham’s creative and digital community.

Set in 15 acres of the stunningly-renovated riverside factories once used to make Alfred Bird’s famous invention, eggless custard, this trendy joint is now open to the current generation of creative talent in Birmingham.

Who will be at home at Custard Factory?


Custard Factory welcomes creative and digital businesses with open arms.

Currently home to innovative start-ups as well as household names like ASOS and the Prince’s Trust, this working space is especially perfect for independent retailers and anyone who's keen to host events outside London.

What are the perks at Custard Factory?


Be part of a community of over 500 businesses, and enjoy a regular calendar of corporate events as well as festivals and gigs.

What’s more, you get a dedicated on-site management team, event space discounts, and a host of facilities (including a cinema!).

custard factory coworking birmingham

2. The Old Print Works – A stunning space for creative minds

    • Location – Moseley Road, Balsall Heath


  • Cost – Prices available on request


What’s the vibe like at The Old Print Works?


Set in an authentic heritage building, the The Old Print Works offers not only a beautiful working space, but a like-minded community for creative types.

Above all, this is a workshop with over 40 studios available for designers. But you can also book meeting rooms, and there are four communal areas for your exhibitions and events.

Who will be at home at The Old Print Works?


As you might expect from the name, The Old Print Works is a space for designing and making, business start-ups, art and alternative events in Brum.

What are the perks at The Old Print Works?


There’s a great selection of low-cost recreation that comes with this exciting community of makers. In addition to spending time at the site's coworking space, which is known as The Transfer, you can join The Old Print Works' music nights, theatre, and workshops. Anyone for a craft beer course?

old print works coworking birmingham

3. Innovation Birmingham – A vibrant tech community

    • Location – Holt Street


  • Cost – You can rent a pod (for two to five employees) for £225 per month, or get a more flexible coworking package from just £118 per month


What’s the vibe like at Innovation Birmingham?


Buzzing with some of the UK’s brightest tech minds and a high quality office space, Innovation Birmingham Campus boasts a dynamic atmosphere in a well-connected location.

Who will be at home at Innovation Birmingham?


Innovation Birmingham Campus is home to one of the UK’s most vibrant tech communities, hosting everyone from budding new start-ups to more established players in the industry.

What are the perks at Innovation Birmingham?


With Innovation Birmingham, you’ll get to network with a growing community of over 150 start-ups and entrepreneurs. Plus, for £40 a month, the virtual membership will put 140 free events and business resources at your fingertips.



The best coworking spaces in Birmingham for: High quality


1. Alpha Works – Flexible workspaces that fit around your small business

    • Location – The Alpha building, Suffolk Street Queensway


  • Cost – Hot desk from £12.50 a day, cowork from £300 a month, or hire your very own private office from £450 a month


What’s the vibe like at Alpha Works?


Nestled in Birmingham’s iconic Alpha building, Alpha Works was the first flexible workspace in Birmingham, and it’s still one of the most impressive.

Here you can enjoy modern office spaces with unrivalled city views, and choose between a comfy coffee bar, meeting rooms, phone booths, or quiet areas to work in.

Who will be at home at Alpha Works?


Alpha Works is a community for anyone looking to work, create, or connect with budding fellow entrepreneurs in a tranquil space.

Foodies in particular will be spoilt for choice thanks to the number of pubs, cocktail joints and world-famous restaurants dotted around Victoria Square.

What are the perks at Alpha Works?


Alpha Works' own independent coffee shop, run by Sixteen Kitchen, is one of the top-rated in the area, and there’s even a fully-equipped kitchen with free tea and coffee.

As well as 24/7 access, you can also benefit from the centre’s superfast broadband, shower and changing facilities, and secure cycle storage.


2. Regus' Business Lounges – Your office space, globally

    • Location – UK-wide, with 12 Birmingham sites, including the Lewis Building and Temple Row


  • Cost – £84 per month for a 24-month plan, £89 per month for a 12-month plan, or £101 for one month


What’s the vibe like at Regus' Business Lounges?


Regus’ Business Lounges are dotted up and down the UK in major city centres, airports, and increasingly in motorway service stations and airports. Expect tranquility and convenience rather than start-up owners wanting to make friends.

Who will be at home at Regus' Business Lounges?


If you’re a frequent traveller, Regus’ vast network of Business Lounges might be your best option, thanks to their UK-wide presence.

What are the perks at Regus' Business Lounges?


As a member, you’ll get access to your very own workspace with fast wifi, printing facilities, admin support, and an extra layer of privacy at ThinkPod desks. Just note that unlike many other coworking spaces, there won’t be networking events.


3. Grosvenor House – Spacious offices in a prime location

    • Location – St Paul’s Square


  • Cost – Flexible coworking spaces start at £175 a month


What’s the vibe like at Grosvenor House?


Grosvenor House is all about style. It’s a classically Georgian working environment with tasteful modern decor and a superb location.

This site offers five-star custom-made coworking solutions for the seasoned entrepreneur, as well as for start-ups still finding their feet.

Who will be at home at Grosvenor House?


Grosvenor House may be the answer for small businesses who are looking for a prime location – and for those who want to be as far removed from a hipster coffee shop as possible.

What are the perks at Grosvenor House?


All Grosvenor House's coworking packages include high quality broadband, secure storage, unlimited printing and scanning, and an exclusive kitchenette.

grosvenor house coworking birmingham


Shall we cut to the chase…?

If you'd like to cut through the noise and go straight to finding the best options for you personally, try filling in the form at the top of this page – in return, you'll receive personalised quotes from coworking providers in particular locations.


The best coworking spaces in Birmingham for: Value for money


1. The Moseley Exchange – For creative inspiration and top-notch support

    • Location – Alcester Road, Moseley


  • Cost – You can drop in for 16 hours of coworking space and a 20% discount on meeting room hire for £34 per month, get 40 hours and four free meeting room hours for £58, or pay £106 for unlimited coworking and eight hours of meeting room use


What’s the vibe like at The Moseley Exchange?


Whether you want to work away in a tranquil corner or forge connections with inspiring entrepreneurs and get your creative juices flowing, the The Moseley Exchange is a popular coworking space in Birmingham. It was also the first, and remains a buzzing hub for passionate professionals to this day.

Who will be at home at The Moseley Exchange?


This is the dream serviced office space for creative minds who are looking for a structured environment in which to build their business. Its members come from all industries, and offer a wealth of networking opportunities.

What are the perks at The Moseley Exchange?

The Moseley Exchange takes good care of its members. As a flexible working environment, here you’ll find the people and resources you need, from printing facilities to inspirational chats – and even just a warm cuppa.

moseley exchange coworking birmingham

2. The Loft Workspace – Friendly people, budget-friendly prices

    • Location – Edward Road, Balsall Heath


  • Cost – For just £4 a day, you can join this vibrant and collaborative community


What’s the vibe like at The Loft Workspace?


Part of the Jericho Foundation, The Loft Workshop is a hot-desking and coworking space with a fresh and modern feel. It isn’t just about finding any old space to work, this is an enthusiastic community of entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Who will be at home at The Loft Workspace?


The Loft was made for people who enjoy what they do, and want to be with people they’d enjoy working with. If you’re on a tight budget but still want people to bounce ideas off of, this may be your small business’ dream home.

What are the perks at The Loft Workspace?


For some of the smallest coworking prices, you’d be located in Birmingham’s buzzing city centre. Plus, all plans come with your very own website profile, registered postal address and free teas and coffees in the communal lounge.

the loft coworking manchester

3. Impact Hub – A global community of creators

    • Location – Oxford Street, Digbeth


  • Cost – Team memberships start at £150 (plus VAT) per month, while unlimited individual memberships cost £125 (plus VAT) per month. Or you can pay for five days' access a month at £35 (plus VAT)


What’s the vibe like at Impact Hub?


Part innovation lab, part social enterprise community, Impact Hub is more than just a cosy office space: it’s a centre for collaboration.

Who will be at home at Impact Hub?


Running your own business can be hard. Impact Hub is for those who don’t want to go it alone, and are looking for a community of like-minded and collaborative creators.

What are the perks at Impact Hub?

The coworking group has 58 sites across five continents, and all of its 15,000 members have access to guidance, resources and events.

Its community members are also invited to join HUBnet Impact, a global social network that aims to help start-ups and entrepreneurs find their next business opportunity.

impacthub coworking birmingham


Coworking in Birmingham in a nutshell


Coworking spaces don't just give you a better work environment – you get to join a community of like-minded professionals and tap into the amazing networking opportunities Birmingham has to offer.

Home to one of the most thriving start-up communities in all the UK, Birmingham is a top place to become part of the coworking movement.

But is it right for your small business? We think so, if you're looking to:

    1. Be more productive – No one can focus properly in coffee shops. And now that you could be renting a nice desk for the price of a coffee, it's the perfect time to think seriously about your working arrangements.


    1. Work more flexibly – Many coworking packages tend to be strings-free, so whether you need to quickly upgrade to a larger desk, visit the office at 10pm or suddenly call an end to your contract, most will allow you to chop and change as your business desires.


  1. Network – One of the biggest reasons small business owners like coworking spaces is the unparalleled access it gives to like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs in your city. With a host of business and social events offered by many venues, you could be rubbing shoulders with your next business partner – or investor.

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How can I get quotes for coworking spaces in Birmingham?


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All of the information in this article is correct as of January 2019.

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