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Finding the right start-up office space can be a tricky business. When working from home is no longer suitable but leasing a private office will prove expensive or unnecessary, what should you do?

Luckily, recent years have seen an astronomical rise in the popularity of cheaper, shared, open-plan workspaces. From coworking facilities to business members clubs, these (often) more affordable alternatives not only provide you with a professional setting to get to work, but many also come with a multitude of perks; from free drinks and snacks to concierge services to regular members events, workshops and showcases.

Not to mention the opportunities to network and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs and mentors, who can share ideas and help you to overcome challenges.

But with so many such workspaces now open across the UK (and the world), which should you go for?

Whether you’re a freelancer, a solopreneur, a sole trader, a start-up or a small business, we’ve collated a list of some of the UK’s key clubs, hubs and coworking spaces for you to explore. We’ve investigated what they’re all about, plus what their cheapest membership package for full-time access looks like and the price range it sits in.

So, click the links in the table or read on to learn all about these top choices…

NB: The price range selected here represents the cheapest package that enables full-time use of the space. Prices here are per month, and exclude VAT.


****** Prices available on request.

If you’d like some help with finding a great workspace option for you, try filling in the form at the top of this page – you’ll receive options and quotes, tailored to you, from coworking spaces that are able to provide what you need.

Baltic CreativeLocation: LiverpoolWhat is Baltic Creative all about?Based in Liverpool Dock, which is fast becoming a thriving home for the digital and creative industries, Baltic Creative lets out regenerated warehouse spaces to entrepreneurs and businesses that have a focus on innovation.Promoting sustainable business practices, the workspaces on offer at Baltic Creative are truly unique; ranging from the garden shed-style offices in its ‘Creative Campus’ to shop fronts and large studios. Baltic Creative also hosts a range of educational talks, courses and networking opportunities on-site.What is Baltic Creative’s cheapest membership?You can get in touch with Baltic Creative to find out more about its packages, availability and prices.Visit the Baltic Creative website here.Campus NorthLocation: NewcastleWhat is Campus North all about?Tapping into Newcastle’s bustling tech community, Campus North welcomes freelancers and businesses working in the north east’s technology sector.Committed to the development of the British tech industry, Campus North works with corporate partners across the UK to help early-stage tech start-ups realise their visions. As a workspace, it’s all about community, and actively encourages members to network and collaborate.What is Campus North’s cheapest membership?The most affordable full-time membership here gives 24-hour access to a dedicated desk in Campus North’s coworking space, along with virtual office services.Price range: £0 to £99 (plus VAT) per monthCampus North also offers:

  • Limited free hot desking
  • Hot desking for 10 days per month
  • Private offices
  • Virtual office services

Visit the Campus North website here.NB: Campus North will be closing at the end of December 2018.Central WorkingLocation: London, Cambridge and ManchesterWhat is Central Working all about?Central Working has a big focus on flexibility. Rather than setting out pre-planned packages, it works out a tailored arrangement for each member, specific to their particular business needs.Not only that, but Central Working actively introduces members to valuable connections, and even guarantees that any new member will make a meaningful link – whether to a client, investor or supplier – within 30 days, or they’ll get their money back.Alongside this, it offers training and networking events and the Founders’ Programme, which puts entrepreneurs together to solve their biggest problems.What is Central Working’s cheapest membership?You can get in touch with Central Working to find out how much it’ll cost to meet your specific business needs.Visit the Central Working website here.Club WorkspaceLocation: LondonWhat is Club Workspace all about?Providing sleek, modern workspaces across London – from Chiswick to Bethnal Green to Islington to Dulwich – Club Workspace’s network is rapidly growing; with over 4,000 members currently working across its locations.Notably, Club Workspace puts on a wide variety of events, both business-related and social, for its members; facilitating networking and peer-to-peer learning.What is Club Workspace’s cheapest membership?The cheapest full-time membership here enables hot desking at coworking areas – also known as Club Workspace Hangouts – in 10 of the company’s London business centres, for five days per week.Price range: £100 to £199 (plus VAT) per monthClub Workspace also offers:

  • Day passes
  • Dedicated desks
  • Private offices

Visit the Club Workspace website here.ColonyLocation: ManchesterWhat is Colony all about?Located in Ancoats – an area of Manchester which, following regeneration of the local mills into accommodation, restaurants and shops, is fast becoming a hive of business activity – Colony encourages communication, collaboration and the freedom to move around and work in the space as one desires.Many of Colony’s members are involved in the digital and creative industries, and all can benefit from collaboration zones, focus areas, private phone booths and more.What is Colony’s cheapest membership?The most affordable full-time Colony membership includes 24-hour access to a floating desk, with serviced office services including mail handling.Price range: £200 to £299 (plus VAT) per monthColony also offers:

  • Day passes
  • Dedicated desks

Visit the Colony website here.Co-WorkLocation: LondonWhat is Co-Work all about?Fostering working environments designed to be sociable and creative, Co-Work’s spaces can be found in prime locations across London; including Borough, Cannon Street, Soho and more.Workspace’s office designs are clean and bright, and its prices are all-inclusive, meaning members can use office facilities and meeting rooms without worrying about additional costs. Its contracts are flexible, with no minimum stay duration.What is Co-Work’s cheapest membership?Co-Work’s cheapest full-time membership provides you with a dedicated desk, on flexible terms, in one of its London spaces.Price range: £400 to £499 (plus VAT) per monthYou can get in touch with Co-Work to find out what else it offers to start-ups and entrepreneurs.Visit the Co-Work website here.DoES LiverpoolLocation: LiverpoolWhat is DoES Liverpool all about?Alongside business professionals, DoES Liverpool attracts students, hobbyists, artists, makers and engineers, and so is fully kitted out with materials, tools and design tech hardware. As well as its co-work facility, the space has a fully-functioning workshop with 3D printers, a sublimation printer, laser cutters and more.The friendly space also doubles as an event hub for both DoES Liverpool’s own maker events and groups from the local community.What is DoES Liverpool’s cheapest membership?The most affordable full-time membership package offered by DoES Liverpool enables flexible, drop-in hot desking.Price range: £0 to £99 (plus VAT) per monthDoES Liverpool also offers:

  • Half-day and day passes
  • Access to the workshop
  • Dedicated desks

Visit the DoES Liverpool website here.FruitworksLocation: CanterburyWhat is Fruitworks all about?Converted from a 2,000 square-foot Victorian Warehouse in the city centre, Fruitworks is Canterbury’s first coworking space. Consisting of two open plan wings, the focus in this quirky workspace is on growth through networking, collaborating and socialising, with regular events held for members.The space also features chill out areas with ping pong and pool tables, not to mention a 100-inch cinema and gaming screen.What is Fruitworks’ cheapest membership?The cheapest full-time membership to be found at Fruitworks enables you to hot desk at the workspace for six days per week, and provides entry to community events and meeting rooms.Price range: £100 to £199 (plus VAT) per monthFruitworks also offers:

  • Workspace access for two days per week for light users
  • Dedicated desks

Visit the Fruitworks website here.HausLocation: LondonWhat is Haus all about?In a unique twist for a coworking company, instead of owning its own spaces Haus partners with hotels, restaurants and cafes in prime London locations. Aiming to give new life to the spaces within them that would be busy at night but dead during the day, Haus has created a series of chic, relaxing and totally un-office-like workspaces.Haus’ environments are quiet and work-focused, and offer free drinks and snacks throughout the day. Alongside this, Haus runs weekly networking events for its members.What is Haus’ cheapest membership?Haus’ cheapest full-time membership package enables hot desking at all Haus locations.Price range: £0 to £99 (plus VAT) per monthHaus also offers:

  • Day passes

Headspace GroupLocation: London, Birmingham and ManchesterWhat is Headspace Group all about?Since its inception, three-time Startups 100-featured Headspace has : to take on the headaches of running an office so members can focus on the more important task of running their business.With locations in London and Manchester and another coming up in Birmingham, Headspace caters to businesses in the creative, media and technology sectors.Each location features a barista coffee shop, a games room, retro sweets on every floor, weekly fitness classes, a nap and zen room, and offers the option to have drinks, breakfast, and lunch delivered to desks.What is Headspace Group’s cheapest membership?Headspace Group’s most affordable full-time package provides access to a coworking space.Price range: £100 to £199 (in Manchester) or £400 to £499 (in London) plus VAT per monthHeadspace Group also offers:

  • Private offices

Visit the Headspace Group website here.Impact HubLocation: London and BirminghamWhat is Impact Hub all about?An innovation lab and incubator as well as a workspace, Impact Hub provides a collaborative, impact-driven community for entrepreneurs and start-ups who aim to solve the world’s pressing problems, from poverty to climate change to gender inequality and more.With a global network of entrepreneurs that support each other as they grow, plus a series of programmes and events, Impact Hub is recognised by the UN as a driver of community engagement, and uses global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to measure the impact its members are having on the world stage.What is Impact Hub’s cheapest membership?You can get in touch with Impact Hub to find out more about its offerings and prices.Visit the Impact Hub website here.Le BureauLocation: LondonWhat is Le Bureau all about?A boutique space, Le Bureau is more homely than your average cowork; with lampshades, flowers and hardwood floors abounding, and meeting spaces adorned in sumptuous textiles, cosy lighting and patterned wallpaper.Nonetheless, the focus here is on productivity, and members benefit from facilities such as Skype pods, quiet rooms, mail handling, and presentation equipment. Not to mention transparent pricing: rates and bills are covered by your monthly payment, with no deposits or additional charges.What is Le Bureau’s cheapest membership?Le Bureau’s most affordable membership provides you with 24-seven access to your own standard-sized desk. An additional fee enables you to invite colleagues, clients and suppliers to hot desk there too.Price range: £300 to £399 (plus VAT) per monthLe Bureau also offers:

  • Larger desks for those who need additional space

Visit the Le Bureau website here.MainYard StudiosLocation: LondonWhat is MainYard Studios all about?Located in Hackney, Wimbledon and Walthamstow, MainYard Studios turns unused warehouses into specialist workspaces ideal for entrepreneurs in creative industries.As a start-up itself, MainYard understands the need for low costs; and so the team upcycles materials and makes furniture themselves, passing savings to members. The business has also teamed up with a range of partners to run events and mentoring for members.What is MainYard Studios’ cheapest membership?At Mainyard Studios, the cheapest package on offer provides you with a dedicated desk and your own lockable cabinet at one of Mainyard’s communal hubs.Price range: £200 to £299 (plus VAT) per monthMainYard Studios also offers:

  • Private offices
  • Creative studios
  • Soundproof rooms for music and sound entrepreneurs

Visit the Mainyard Studios website here.MindspaceLocation: LondonWhat is Mindspace all about?Located in bustling, up-and-coming Shoreditch and Aldgate, Mindspace’s London workspaces boast colourful, quirky and unique designs that feel more like vintage-style cafes than offices.With a focus on boosting inspiration and peer-to-peer learning, Mindspace welcomes freelancers, solopreneurs, early-stage start-ups and small businesses. Members also gain free access to Mindspace’s locations across Europe.What is Mindspace’s cheapest membership?The most affordable package that Mindspace offers provides 24-seven access to a dedicated desk in an ‘open space area’ in one of Mindspace’s facilities, as well as meeting room hours.Price range: £200 to £299 (plus VAT) per monthMindspace also offers:

  • Private offices

Visit the Mindspace website here.One Alfred PlaceLocation: LondonWhat is One Alfred Place all about?If you’re looking to instil an air of prestige about your business, One Alfred Place could be the ideal hub for you to work from. With luxuriously-designed spaces and premium amenities – including a top class restaurant and bar for members and their clients – this members club’s sumptuous surroundings, as well as its business events, motivate high-quality output from members.There’s also a hint of exclusivity in One Alfred Place’s selection process; wherein applicants need to be proposed by an existing member. But don’t worry if you don’t know one – One Alfred Place can connect you with someone on request.What is One Alfred Place’s cheapest membership?You can get in touch with One Alfred Place to learn more about its packages, prices and availability, and to connect with an existing member.One Alfred Place offers:

  • Hot desking in its coworking spaces
  • Dedicated workstations
  • Boardrooms
  • Serviced offices

Visit the One Alfred Place website here.OpenSpace Co-OperativeLocation: ManchesterWhat is OpenSpace all about?Uniquely, OpenSpace is run as a co-operative, meaning everything is managed and maintained by a number of the members themselves. In fact, members who pitch in and help run the workspace are eligible for price reductions.A rarity among city-based workspaces, OpenSpace also boasts an outdoor garden with picnic benches and a play area. The space accepts applications from those who follow socially and environmentally-conscious business practices.What is OpenSpace’s cheapest membership package?OpenSpace offers a full-time membership that enables 24-seven access to the coworking space.Price range: £100 to £199 (plus VAT) per monthOpenSpace also offers:

  • One half-day per month
  • One day per month
  • Five days per month
  • 10 days per month
  • 15 days per month

Visit the OpenSpace website here.Rainmaking LoftLocation: LondonWhat is Rainmaking Loft all about?Set up by Rainmaking, Rainmaking Loft is a workspace in London’s tranquil St. Katharine Docks which helps technology start-ups to grow. The community here is close-knit and highly collaborative.As Rainmaking was the founder of accelerator Startupbootcamp and innovation consultancy Rainmaking Innovation, it has a large network of experts at hand which it can put members in touch with. It also proactively connects like-minded members with one another, and can even help members to find suitable investors.What is Rainmaking Loft’s cheapest membership?Rainmaking Loft’s membership is all-inclusive, and provides access to a permanent desk.Price range: £300 to £399 (plus VAT) per monthVisit the Rainmaking Loft website here.RegusLocation: London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester and LeedsWhat is Regus all about?With over 3,000 locations across the world, Regus is a global force; and with membership plans typically enabling access to all of these locations, it could be a convenient solution for entrepreneurs who travel often.As well as solopreneurs and start-ups, Regus’ modern spaces also cater to large corporations, meaning there’s less of a focus on start-up growth and collaboration here and more of a focus on business productivity and premium facilities.What is Regus’ cheapest membership?Regus’ cheapest package is its lounge membership plan, which enables unlimited drop-in access to any of Regus’ business lounges, and a 10% discount on meeting room bookings.Price range: £0 to £100 (plus VAT) per monthRegus also offers:

  • On-demand short-term visits
  • A dedicated desk in a coworking area
  • Private offices
  • Virtual office services

Visit the Regus website here.RentadeskLocation: LondonWhat is Rentadesk all about?With one facility in Shepherd’s Bush and another just off Oxford Street, Rentadesk’s office designs are clean and bright. Ideal for solopreneurs or teams of three or less, the spaces host a community of freelancers, entrepreneurs and students; and claim to offer “London’s friendliest coworking”.Flexibility is a key tenet of Rentadesk’s offering. Members are able to upscale, downsize or pause their subscription at any point (after an initial three months). Rentadesk even offers an “off-peak” plan which specifies early-morning, evening and overnight access for those with a day job.What is Rentadesk’s cheapest membership?Rentadesk’s full-time membership includes unlimited, anytime hot desking along with meeting room use.Price range: £200 to £299 (plus VAT) per monthRentadesk also offers:

  • Occasional use of its ‘coworking cafes’
  • Coworking at off-peak times
  • Hot desking for 30 hours per month
  • Hot desking for 60 hours per month
  • Hot desking for 100 hours per month
  • Dedicated desks

Visit the Rentadesk website here.TechCubeLocation: EdinburghWhat is TechCube all about?If you’re a creative or technology entrepreneur or business looking for workspace in Edinburgh’s busy start-up scene, TechCube could be the workplace for you.Providing fully adaptable offerings for its members, TechCube aims to create an environment in which technology and the arts can come together and benefit one another (which is reflected in its location: the Summerhall Arts Complex).Committed to supporting start-ups as they grow, TechCube encourages collaboration and creativity, and its pricing operates on a flexible tiered system that charges pre-money start-ups less than those who are turning a profit.What is TechCube’s cheapest membership?You can get in touch with TechCube to enquire about availability and what you might be charged to join.TechCube offers:

  • Hot desking
  • Coworking
  • Private office space

Visit the TechCube website here.TechHubLocation: London and SwanseaWhat is TechHub all about?Established as a nurturing environment exclusively for entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups in the tech sector, TechHub hosts a collaborative community of members who benefit from regular networking and industry events.Utilising its global network, TechHub provides a hands-on support programme; helping members gain social media and press exposure, showcase their products, and meet investors, industry figures and mentors.What is TechHub’s cheapest membership?TechHub’s most affordable full-time membership comes with a package called Resident, which enables 24-seven access to a dedicated desk, and is available for both individuals and teams of up to eight people.Price range: £200 to £299 (plus VAT) per monthTechHub also offers:

  • Day passes (only at its Swansea location)
  • Hot desking for 20 hours per week
  • Private offices

Visit the TechHub website here.TechspaceLocation: LondonWhat is Techspace all about?With a focus on community – and a shared philosophy that its members’ success should be measured by their impact on society – Techspace offers workspace for innovative, ambitious and disruptive fast-growth tech scale-ups.To be found in Aldgate East, Hoxton, Shoreditch and Whitechapel – as well as Berlin, Germany – Techspace’s modern spaces cater to young tech businesses at all stages, whether they need a single desk or an entire customisable private office floor.What is Techspace’s cheapest membership?Techspace’s most affordable membership plan entitles you to a dedicated desk, plus access to meeting rooms. Members can add or take desks away from their plans with ease.Price range: £300 to £399 (plus VAT) per monthTechspace also offers:

  • Private offices with access to shared meeting rooms
  • Private offices with their own meeting rooms
  • Entire office floors

Visit the TechSpace website here.The ClubhouseLocation: LondonWhat is The Clubhouse all about?Located in several upmarket London spots, The Clubhouse is a business members club providing luxurious, design-led places to meet and work, with premium amenities on offer. With both members and their guests carefully looked after, The Clubhouse gives its members a high-quality image among clients and investors.The Clubhouse also runs regular events, workshops and talks with speakers from top companies.What is The Clubhouse’s cheapest membership?The Clubhouse’s full-time access package is named ‘house membership’, and provides daily access to The Clubhouse and its facilities, plus invitations to member events.Price range: £300 to £399 (plus VAT) per monthThe Clubhouse also offers:

  • Day passes
  • Access for 18 days a year
  • Access for 75 days a year
  • Virtual office services

Visit The Clubhouse’s website here.The Melting PotLocation: EdinburghWhat is The Melting Pot all about?As Scotland’s Centre for Social Innovation, The Melting Pot (TMP) aims to nurture entrepreneurs and businesses that are working to transform the social, cultural and economic landscape for the better.From its environmentally-friendly office to its member-run educational and social community events, this ethos is evident in all TMP does. In fact, TMP is so committed to helping its members improve the world that it runs a free incubation programme to help them turn their ideas into real social ventures.What is The Melting Pot’s cheapest membership?The Melting Pot offers a standard fixed desk package, giving access to a dedicated desk on weekdays, between the hours of 8:30am and 6pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and 8:30am to 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.Price range: £200 to £299 (plus VAT) per monthThe Melting Pot also offers:

  • Hot desking
  • A pay-as-you-go subscription
  • Dedicated desks with 24-seven access

Visit The Melting Pot’s website here.The Office Group (TOG)Location: London, Bristol and LeedsWhat is TOG all about?Launched in 2003, The Office Group (TOG) was a pioneer of the shared workspace in the UK. Now, TOG has over 30 spaces in business hubs and, handily, train stations. Plenty of these spaces boast attractive features like rooftop gardens and members bars, and TOG has partnered with companies that can provide offers and rewards specifically to TOG members.Perhaps more importantly, TOG has made it as easy as possible for members to connect and collaborate with one another – with a dedicated members app and a community team which both help people to meet.What is TOG’s cheapest membership?TOG’s full-time membership enables 24-seven coworking at your ‘home’ building, plus access to 17 other TOG locations.Price range: £300 to £399 (plus VAT) per monthTOG also offers:

  • Virtual office services
  • Drop-in working in TOG business lounges for 32 hours a month
  • Private offices

Visit the TOG website here.WeWorkLocation: London and ManchesterWhat is WeWork all about?With locations across the world, WeWork is a global network of unique, sleek and colourful workspaces for both solopreneurs and businesses of all sizes. With every space custom-built, WeWork aims to “humanize work”; providing comfort and visual stimulation in a space where business owners can help one another and grow together.Not to mention that WeWork also runs weekly events (both business and social), offers front-desk services, provides brainstorming rooms and phone booths, and even provides craft beer on draft for when you need to unwind.What is WeWork’s cheapest membership?WeWork’s most affordable plan offers hot desking, with guaranteed desk space, in the common area of your chosen WeWork location.Price range: £200 to £299 (plus VAT) per monthWeWork also offers:

  • Dedicated desks
  • Private offices
  • Office suites (with their own lounges, meeting rooms and reception desks)
  • Entire office floors

Visit the WeWork website here.NB: All of the information in this article is correct as of October 2018.

If you need more help with finding a great workspace option for you, try filling in the form at the top of this page – you’ll receive tailored options and quotes from coworking spaces that are able to provide what you need.


Location£0 to £99£100 to £199£200 to £299£300 to £399£400 to £499Over £500
Baltic CreativeLiverpool******
Campus NorthNewcastle
Central WorkingMultiple UK cities
Club WorkspaceLondon
DoES LiverpoolLiverpool
Headspace GroupMultiple UK cities
Impact HubMultiple UK cities******
Le BureauLondon
MainYard StudiosLondon
One Alfred PlaceLondon******
Rainmaking LoftLondon
RegusMultiple UK cities
TechHubMultiple UK cities
The ClubhouseLondon
The Melting PotEdinburgh
The Office GroupMultiple UK cities
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