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Restaurant management software: What do you need to know?

Restaurant management software is an excellent way to improve your business functions. Find out why here

Primarily designed to manage the behind the scenes management of a hospitality service, restaurant management software is available in various forms from a range of suppliers.

From inventory tracking and taking orders to managing bills and payments, restaurant management software helps hospitality businesses streamline their operations, saving time, money and resource.

Whilst some systems even have customer relationship functionalities, as found in a point of sale (POS) system, restaurant management software is designed to help restaurants, bars and kitchens better manage every aspect of their processes, customer facing or otherwise.

On this page, we’ve collected information to help you understand the software available to help manage your restaurant, cafe, bar or other service business.

The hospitality sector is notoriously hectic. Whether you’re looking to streamline your ordering process for stock, or want to send automated orders from the bar to the kitchen, restaurant management software can bring a pocket of calm to the ‘happy hour’ storm.

Whatever your motivation, you’re sure to find a hospitality EPOS system to suit the specific wants and needs of your business. You can also check out our pages on how to start a restaurant and how to start a bar for extra information on the first steps to take on your journey into the hospitality industry.

The list below includes a brief overview of the topics covered on this page – click on each to learn about a particular section, or read the full article for the complete guide.

In this article, we’ll cover:

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What is online restaurant management software?

Restaurant management software is designed to make running a restaurant easier and provide a variety of services, including

  1. Restaurant inventory software
  2. Restaurant ordering system software
  3. Table management systems
  4. Fast food software

The below article covers restaurant software management features in greater detail.

Restaurant management software uses the internet to operate and relies on a speedy internet connection for efficiency.

As you might expect, online restaurant management software will also require several other components to work, including:

  • Equipment – such as the equipment needed to use the software
  • Software – the program to manage the restaurant operations
  • Accessories – such as the necessary hardware e.g. tablets

If you do not have the components listed above, your first step towards getting a restaurant operations system should be to arrange for them to be installed.

How to use restaurant inventory software

Restaurant inventory software provides you with improved control over your purchasing, costings and recipe management processes. Inventory tracking is useful in any food-based environment, as well as in bars and pubs too.

With this form of software you can automatically monitor your menu and recipes to ensure that your kitchen doesn’t run out of ingredients. It can also be used to make sure your costs never outrun your profits.

Inventory software is built into several restaurant EPOS (electronic point of sale) systems, allowing you to focus on customer service, rather than having to spend long periods of time taking stock, estimating budgets and ordering new ingredients.

With the right inventory software setup, you can focus on helping your business to flourish, safe in the knowledge that your menu will be available to customers without problems.

Listed below are some of the most useful restaurant inventory software features:

  • Online purchasing
  • Inventory tracking
  • Budget tools
  • Use and loss tracking
  • Menu costing
  • POS integration
  • Kitchen operations
  • Restaurant inventory apps

Alongside these general features, restaurant inventory software offers plenty more capabilities, as well as options for your business to create custom tracking that suits your operation.

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Restaurant inventory software provides you with improved control over your purchasing, costings and recipe management processes. Inventory tracking is useful in any food-based environment, as well as in bars and pubs too.

Restaurant inventory tracking helps you to monitor a range of processes. Inventory tracking will note:

  • Orders that are made
  • Wastage that’s recorded
  • Delivery and expiry dates
  • The cost of items

With this form of software you can automatically monitor your menu and recipes to ensure that your kitchen doesn’t run out of ingredients. It can also be used to make sure your costs never outrun your profits.

Why choose a restaurant inventory app for iPad?

A restaurant inventory app for iPad is often just a scaled down version of the larger software already mentioned above.

This sort of app is great for small businesses, as well as for chains and franchises too. If you own several restaurants or food service operations, monitoring inventory without having to be in a specific location can be a real benefit.

In most cases, this type of app will be included as standard along with the rest of the software. This allows you to quickly and easily begin monitoring your stock, wherever you are and whenever you need to.

  • These apps are often included as standard with other restaurant management software
  • They offer scaled down software suitable for small businesses
  • These apps enable you to monitor inventory wherever you are

What are the benefits of restaurant ordering system software?

More and more UK consumers are choosing to order online from restaurants. There are a number of options available for foodservice operations that want to tap into this market, and one of the most effective choices is to create your own online ordering system.

Though this can be a more expensive option in the short-term, over time offering customers a means of ordering food directly through your website can be more lucrative for your business. This is especially going to be the case if you operate multiple restaurants and takeaways.

If people visit your website and order through it or over the phone, adopting restaurant ordering software can be a key resource and time-saver.

As with inventory software, restaurant ordering system software can often be included in your POS equipment.

Just like with in-house orders, an online ordering system can be automated in many ways so that you can track every aspect of it quickly and easily, without having to complete a load of manual tasks. For example, creating promotions or remembering repeat orders.

What other ways can this type of software be used?

Restaurant ordering system software is useful in a whole range of food-serving businesses. It can also help an existing business to step up various processes to better enable expansion – for example, taking orders in advance or operating from multiple locations.

Implementing this form of ordering, or a version of it, could also help you to streamline processes so that customers can order food from their table via an app.

Big chains such as Pizza Express and Weatherspoons have adopted this feature as it gives waiting staff more freedom to serve and maintain the restaurant whilst proving a handy marketing tactic, as rewards and incentives can be offered via the app.

As above, this sort of app can be automated so that it works in tandem with your overall software or system.

How to use a table management system

A table management system can be used both as an advanced planning system and also as a real-time current capacity monitoring system.

It can help to monitor:

  • How long people spend in your establishment
  • How long they wait for food or drinks
  • How much they spend
  • What they order

Like other functions on this page, you can significantly improve the way you use your table management system by also implementing smart software. For example, storing data on the cloud or accessing the system via an app, so you can stay up-to-date on what’s happening on the floor, wherever you are.

Also, your wait staff can be better managed and more streamlined with the help of this system as you can plan exactly when, where and how many team members are required.

Plus, your budgets and costs can be kept to a minimum, with time always being spent in the most efficient way.

Table seating software is an excellent investment for any restaurant, and especially in those where guests are waited on at their table, as so much of your customers’ experience is determined by the service.

Why use fast food software?

Fast food software needs to be efficient. Essentially, this sort of software aims to streamline the processes that take place in your restaurant as much as possible.

What are the benefits?

Fast food software can help your staff to take orders, process payments and deliver food quickly and easily.

This sort of system is ideal in any environment where customers expect their food to be ordered and taken away within minutes.

Though the software will be similar in many ways to the software being used in restaurants, cafes and bars, the way it’s utilised will be fundamentally different. The key focus will be on time, including customer and order turnarounds.

What features are available?

Like the other forms of restaurant operations software on this page, fast food software will offer a range of features, including:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Menu functions
  • Custom recipe options
  • Order processing
  • Payment functions

Making use of these functions, and of the overall software itself, is one of the best ways for fast food restaurants to optimise their food production processes. This is because it offers key order information at a glance, among other time-saving benefits.

Finding the right restaurant management software supplier for your business

The best restaurant management software suppliers will be able to offer you the range of functions and features that your business needs. To find out exactly which supplier is best suited to your business, take a look at Startups’ page on the best hospitality systems for bars and restaurants.

As with other equipment suppliers or software providers, these requirements are unlikely to be the same as everyone else, so it’s essential to choose the best for your business so it’s best to full research the options available before investing in a system.

In a nutshell

In this article, we’ve provided you with detailed information about the types of restaurant management software available, as well as potential benefits for your business. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Restaurant management software requires a reliable internet connection
  • Restaurant inventory software allows you to manage and track food stock levels
  • Consider apps if your business operates in multiple locations
  • Use restaurant ordering system software to reach customers online
  • Table management systems offer advanced planning or real-time monitoring
  • Consider specific software for fast food outlets to prioritise quick turnaround times

What are the next steps?

Restaurant management software has been covered in some depth on this page, so from here on in you can speak directly to up to four top UK restaurant management software suppliers.

You simply need to complete the form at the top of this page. This process is free, quick and easy, and it could save your business both time and money.

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