Dragon’s Den: Series Highlight Reel

Want to discover different industry pitches, how they did, and investments they received? We have it all here in our complete highlights reel and guide.

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We’ve been reviewing the pitches on Dragon’s Den since Series 11, and our commentary is almost as old as our acquirement of this website itself.

However, recapping successful (or disastrously terrible) pitches as an aspiring business owner is useful and timeless information – which could potentially help you find things you want to 📑write in your business plan or how you want to pitch to 🙋‍♀️venture capitalists or 🙋‍♂️angel investors.

So without further ado, and for your convenience, we have included the series highlights from all seasons of Dragons Den here!

Series 15

Season 14

Season 13

Season 12

Season 11

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