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Epos Now is a UK point of sale provider that has grown massively since its 2011 foundation. Find out more about their services and prices today

Epos Now founder Jacyn Heavens spotted a gap in the point of sale market in 2011, after taking over management of a bar and struggling to find a POS supplier suitable to his needs.

Quickly realising that the market did not offer the retail POS or hospitality POS that he required, Jacyn began researching solutions. With the help of a new development team, Epos Now grew with softwares designed and launched that could harness cloud, smartphone and tablet technology.

A few years after this foundation, Epos Now had grown enough to move into a new office space, with over 300 employees working in the UK and US today.

On this page, we will outline some of Epos Now’s products and services to provide you with information to help decide on the best course of action to take in regards to implementing electronic point of sale systems in your business.

Find out about the various options available, and compare the range of products and features to ensure that Epos Now will be suitable for your business.

Epos Now review

Given the accolades already achieved by Jacyn Heavens and his team at Epos Now, it almost seems obvious that the company offers excellent products and software to help small to large businesses to operate as effectively as possible.

As mentioned, Epos Now was founded in 2011, quickly growing to become one of the UK’s largest point of sale suppliers. Having gone from a staff of one to over 300, this growth speaks for itself in many ways.

However, it is important to bear in mind other factors too:

  • Epos Now serves over 30,000 businesses
  • Epos Now systems boast an official satisfaction rating of 9 out of 10
  • Staff can be trained on Epos Now systems in as little as 15 minutes
  • Epos Now can be used independently, or in-line with other softwares, including credit card processing systems, online ordering platforms, CRM systems and accouting softwares

In addition to the features above, Epos Now has also been ranked as the number one POS provider by over 2,000 customer reviews, with a long list of other awards to reflect the quality of service, software and product.

Find out more about Epos Now in the sections below:

Epos Now Back Office

Given the way that Epos Now started, it makes sense that one of their main aims would be to revolutionise the industry with new technology and new software. Epos Now’s Back Office software is the perfect example of this revolutionary attitude.

Based on customer feedback and developed to meet client standards, Epos Now’s Back Office is a modern form of point of sale software that offers a whole host of features and functions.

The video directly below provides all the information you need about Epos Now’s software, with more information about each included in the sections below.

Epos Now Back Office Setup and Management

Epos Now’s Back Office software is split into Setup and Management.

In Setup, your business can make changes to a range of features in order to match your requirements. These changes can cover a range of things, including:

  • Tax rate
  • Discount
  • Location

Epos Now can be customised in a huge number of ways to ensure that – whatever your business requirements – you will not fall behind.

In Management, you can can make day-to-day changes that are needed in business. In this part of the Back Office you can change prices, categories, staff and a range of other things too. Each of these setups have been created to offer excellent service, both internal and external to your organisation.

On top of the two features already mentioned, Epos Now’s Back Office also offers reporting functions – where you can monitor how successfully your business is performing – and Apps, which allows you to integrate other software – booking or label generation, for example – into your till systems.

Epos Now products

Epos Now offers two main forms of point of sale: retail POS and hospitality POS. This sort of specialist software is useful in each industry, with Epos Now able to offer functions and features most suited to either sector.

As well as the difference in these two sectors, Epos Now also offers different options, designed to suit various requirements:

Epos Now Complete Systems

First Data Hospitality POS
Epos Now’s complete systems include everything that a business would need, with all equipment, tools and software included.

For this sort of system, your business will need:

  • Epos terminal – dedicated or tablets available
  • Cash drawer
  • Receipt printer

As well as three pieces of equipment listed above, your business may need other tools, depending on your requirements and setup. These added extras can be discussed when it comes to arranging your contract with Epos Now.

On their site, Epos Now outline what is included in their complete systems.

  • 2017 dual-core Pro-C15 touch screen terminal
  • Award winning retail or hospitality software
  • 80mm thermal receipt printer
  • High quality all-metal cash drawer
  • Installation and configuration

Epos Now’s Complete System is available for £1199 in total, with the option to split payments at a cost of £10 a week.

Epos Now iPad and Android

Epos Now Tablet POS
Tablet point of sales systems are one of the most popular options in modern sales, having become particularly useful in the hospitality sector where staff often need to take orders and process sales away from a tethered till area.

Epos Now’s tablet POS is an excellent option, available on both iOS and Android equipment. In adittion to the tablet, users may require:

  • Epos Now software
  • Printers
  • Cash drawers

Of course, other equipment may be required – speaking to your Epos Now supplier is the best way to determine which extras you require.

Epos Now users will not sacrifice any functionality by using a tablet rather than complete system, so there does not need to be any fear of missing out on advanced options or features.

Epos Now Software

Whether you are using a complete system or an iPad, Epos Now software is essential to ensure that you can operate.

Epos Now software can be used on a range of devices and will allow you to manage every part of the process – from making sales to reporting on revenue. This software is accessible on a number of hardwares, allowing you to access reports and sales information even when you are not in your workplace.

Epos Now AppStore

Epos Now’s Appstore is an excellent system that allows your business to add on tools and features, based on your requirements. The Appstore is an excellent function as it provides businesses with the ability to upscale processes quickly and easily, using software created by external sources.

The real benefit of the Appstore lies in the ability to expand operations and add features. Many of the functions that can be added will help your business to speed up and improve processes. Generally this will mean that your improvements can be passed along to customers.

Epos Now support

Epos Now support is an important part of their business, with a dedicated team available to ensure that your business is given the help it needs, whenever it needs it. Epos Now’s support teams cover everything that you might expect, with technical assistance among a range of other features that can be offered.

Among other services, which will be outlined in any agreement made with Epos Now, they also have separate helplines, depending on whether your business needs tech support or international customer support.

With Epos Now Support, you can feel safe knowing that you will receive assistance in the rare event of a technical issue.

Some of Epos Now’s main customer service features are listed below:

  • Training – train staff in just 15 minutes to ensure everyone knows what they are doing.
  • Scalability – can be used with as many or as few users as required.
  • Support – Epos Now offer priority phone support – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Coaching – Epos Now can provide one on one coaching and training to ensure expertise in every operation.
  • Installation – installation is essential, Epos Now can help to ensure that everything runs smoothly from the first minute your system launches.

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