How to decide on the perfect domain name for your business

We speak to Letterbox Hamper's Jonathan Winfield on the steps he took to find the most search engine-friendly domain name for his new business

Registering a domain name is one of the most crucial steps when starting a business.

It marks the next stage towards your launch and it’s also a catalyst because, once your domain name is registered, you can create company email addresses, begin to build your website and get ready to show your offering to the world.

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For Jonathan Winfield, founder of premium British food and drink delivery service Letterbox Hamper, the moment he registered his domain name was the moment that he could begin to design packaging, organise photography and investigate suppliers in earnest.

When the company made its first sale mere hours after the website went live, Winfield knew his domain name had truly harnessed “the power of the internet”; instantly gaining access to people who were “ready to buy immediately”.

But how did he reach that turning point?

From business name ideas that just “wouldn’t have worked” to avoiding low SEO rankings that “kill your business before it’s even started”, in this exclusive video Winfield details how he chose a domain name to help his business make over 5,000 sales to customers across the globe in just 12 months.

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