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How to start a security company

Thinking of starting a private security company? Startups forum users discuss their experiences and offer advice on writing tender agreements to licences

If you’re thinking about starting a private security company, check out this Startups Forum discussion below for some inspiration on what you might need to consider before getting started.

What licences will I need and how will I find clients?

I have been working as a security officer for over six years with an SIA licence on manned guarding and CCTV in process. And now I am in the process of starting my own business in security. Mainly offering a:

Static service
Mobile patrol 
Key holding response.

I want information on some of the main licences as a beginner and acquiring clients.

Which ones is important right now, to start operating with.
How long it takes and procedures.
What are the procedures and strategy and general guidelines to follow as a new company?
Do I need a course for managing a security company?

What are clients looking for?
What are the measures and guidelines to follow?
Information on clients looking for a security company to work for them.

Forum user Tony Morgan says:

Action point:
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“I hope I can put some light in to this subject I have been employed in the UK security industry for over 15 years along with my current business partners, during which time I worked as an officer and account manager. If I am honest six years in the industry isn’t a great background to start a business in this industry, I do know people who have done this but the industry is changing especially since the SIA, that said there are plenty of contracts out there for smaller companies but they tend to be for minimum wage. The trouble with that is then getting the staff to work for this pay rate and more importantly staff you can rely on.

“However I hope you all succeed in your ventures, if you’re not already up to date with some of the things you will need to understand and put together for new businesses here are some things to look into:

“You will need to write tender agreements, these will include things such as site AI’s, shift patterns holiday cover insurance, uniforms etc and your costings, pay rates, training etc. You will also need to include training courses staff will need.

“Sometimes when you tender for a contract a company will provide you with shift patterns training requirements etc. however not always.

“You will also need to ensure that you understand Key performance Indicators, Service Level Agreements etc.

“Also remember that you need to be licensed to run a security company, and their are specific requirements involving vetting staff etc and of course they all need to be licensed.”